The 15 Best Spots For Dumplings In Brisbane

Soft little parcels of amazing flavour. That’s perhaps one of the aptest descriptions that can be applied to dumplings. Whether you’ve tasted their splendour or not, you’re likely here for a reason, to find some of the best-tasting dumplings near you.

The trouble is, with a category so wide-reaching as ‘Dumpling’, it can be extremely difficult to find those truly stand-out restaurants and locations that serve them.

‘Dumpling’ can refer to Bao dumplings from China, or Gyoza dumplings from Japan, which adds another layer of tantalising, but daunting, choice.

If you’re based in the Brisbane area and want to find the best of the best when it comes to dumplings, you are definitely not alone.

We love dumplings so much that we put together this comprehensive guide to the absolute best spots to find dumplings in Brisbane. Prepare to whet your appetite, and read on!

The 15 Best Spots For Dumplings In Brisbane

Donna Chang

Location: 171 George Street, Brisbane, 4000.

Donna Chang is committed to bringing the traditional beauty of dumplings right into the modern world.

That’s not all they serve though. Donna Chang focuses on both Cantonese and Sichuan foods. This creates an amazing Asian blend that you simply can’t try anywhere else.

The restaurant is located within the heart of Brisbane, in a beautiful and classically styled building that is even listed as a heritage site! Despite serving largely modern food, the surrounding building helps to give the cuisine a distinctly classical and traditional feel.

This restaurant has a massive array of dumpling options that will satiate any appetite for Asian cuisine. Make sure to try the dim sum, packed to the brim with flavour, and encased within a soft shell.

They even have an array of Gluten-Free options, so any of your friends and family with dietary needs can experience dumplings for themselves!

Steamed Dim Sum

Location: 95 Turbot Street Brisbane 4000, Queensland

Now let’s move on to a restaurant with a totally different atmosphere.

If you want something down-to-Earth, with no bells and whistles, and solely focused on creating the greatest flavours possible, then you need to pay a visit to Steamed Dim Sum.

This restaurant may be smaller than Donna Chang, but it more than makes up for it with the wonders contained inside.

True to its name, this restaurant is committed to giving you the best of authentic dumplings at an affordable price. When you visit, make sure to try the Chicken Donggu, as they have an excellent spicy kick to get your taste buds moving.

If you want something vegan, then make sure to try out the Zen option, which contains a mix of mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, and ginger. Healthy and exciting!

And to finish your meal off with a soft palate cleanser, make sure to try the custard dumplings, which contain a hearty helping of soft and creamy custard inside. The perfect finale to any dumpling meal.

Mo Charcoal Alley

Location: 735 Beams Road Carseldine Central Shopping Centre, Brisbane 4034, Queensland.

Mo Charcoal Alley falls right in the middle of our last two entries. Its surroundings are incredible, and the restaurant features a beautiful entrance made up of lightly tanned bamboo.

However, despite this, it still offers truly affordable prices and still doesn’t sacrifice quality.

The menu at Mo Charcoal Alley is extensive and can serve people of all ages and tastes, with immense flavours, exciting ingredients and, and satisfying and traditional dishes.

Of course, also included within this menu is a selection of dumplings! You simply have to try the range of amazing fried dumplings. These can be purchased with various fillings, such as pork, vegetables, and prawns!

Madame Wu

Location: 71 Eagle Street Upper Plaza Level, Riparian Plaza, Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Madame Wu has truly created some of the most innovative dumplings we have ever seen. You’ll definitely want to give compliments to the chef when you try them out for yourself.

Included within the menu are traditional steamed duck buns, which features incredibly tender duck marinated in the best flavours ever. If you want more of a seafood-inspired flavour, then try out the Pan-Fried Scallop Dumplings.

These dumplings feature Tobiko, which refers to Japanese flying fish roe, which has a rich savoury taste that pops in your mouth with every single bite.

However, we haven’t even reached the star of the show! Introducing the Wagyu dumplings. If you’ve never tried Wagyu beef before, then you are definitely in for a treat! Wagyu beef has an incredibly tender texture that melts away on your tongue.

As well as this, it also has a mind-blowing flavour that will have you wanting even more.

Wrapped within a dumpling and served with a large helping of celeriac puree, you have yourself the perfect introduction to Wagyu heaven! And you can enjoy all of this food while overlooking the Brisbane River from above!

Mei Wei Dumplings

Location: Ground Floor, Treasury Casino Corner of George & Queen Street, Queensland, 4000.

With a name like ‘Mei Wei Dumplings’, it seems obvious that you couldn’t go wrong with such a restaurant.

This restaurant has the most extensive selection we’ve seen yet. And of the hundreds we’ve already tasted for ourselves, we can tell you that every single dish would satisfy your cravings.

Want some dumplings with soup? Try the Prawn and Pork Wonton soup, which has a massive array of flavours, just from two unique types of meat! Mei Wei Dumplings also has a great selection of Dim Sum dishes to choose from, such as vegetable dumplings, and Shao Mai, which are pork and prawn dumplings.

No matter what your favourite meats are, or whether you are vegetarian, there’s something here that you will love.

Mei Wei dumplings are also situated within a large and airy restaurant, with lots of seating space to sit and take in the amazing flavours that await you. Even the food is prepared with absolute style and grace!

Yum Cha

Location: Shop 1015-1016, Brisbane, Queensland, 4230.

Yum Cha is a rather unassuming restaurant at first glance.

You might not expect much from it, judging by the exterior of the restaurant, but the second you step foot through the entrance doors, you’ll be met with the most incredible waft of scents.

Your stomach will be rumbling in seconds when it catches even a slight scent of the array of dishes available.

If you visit Yum Cha, it would be foolish to not try out the pork dumplings. These dumplings are lightly pan-fried, to give them a slightly crispy texture that contrasts with the otherwise soft texture of the pastry.

This makes for an incredible taste sensation, blended with a mix of textures.

The Golden Pig

Location: 38 Ross Street, Newstead, Brisbane, Queensland, 4006.

Your jaw will be on the floor before you even step foot inside of the Golden Pig. This Brisbane favourite has earned itself a massively healthy reputation amongst locals, and when you try it yourself, you’ll find it’s not hard to see why.

Within the amazingly designed restaurant is an incredible cacophony of Asian cuisine that will have your mouth watering just at the thought of what you are about to eat.

Dumpling options include the Pork and chive dumplings, which come with a dry chilli and Sichuan pepper sauce, which has a fiery kick that is surprisingly addictive.

Southside Restaurant

Location: 63, Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101

This restaurant is truly modern and cutting edge. Just the interior decor alone is enough to suggest this.

Concrete pillars contrast with wooden planks to create a look that is simultaneously inspired by nature but also infused with a brutalist look.

It truly creates something special, and the wide windows allow in lots of natural light, to give the restaurant a breathable but cosy vibe.

Southside has a large range of dim sum to select from, and you might be a bit overwhelmed by the incredible choices.

We strongly recommend trying out the Lobster and Chive Har Gow. This has a truly unique flavour that will set your mouth aflame with delight and wonder!

King Tea

Location: 100 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Queensland, 4064.

King Tea is truly incredible. We’ve actually encountered trouble trying to put into words just how good this restaurant is, but for you guys, we’ll do our best!

King Tea is situated within a large almost warehouse-like building with a high roof, and a rustic feel throughout. The walls feature exposed brickwork, and the wooden beams that support the roof are fully visible.

And this is to say nothing of the food! Wow. King Tea has an impressive range of dim sum that are perfect for every type of person. We recommend the Sam Sun Wonton, which are small parcels of beef, prawn, and pork, floating within a delicate duck consomme soup.

Harajuku Gyoza

Location: 394, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 4006.

So far, we’ve mostly only touched on dumpling restaurants that follow the traditional Chinese style. So let’s try something a little bit different.

Harajuku Gyoza is situated within Fortitude Valley, and is focused on creating the perfect Japanese Gyoza. These are small crescent-shaped parcels stuffed with savoury ingredients, and cooked in a variety of ways.

Some gyoza is fried to create a crispy treat, while others are lightly grilled, to create a crispy texture along the bottom. The crispy bottom is contrasted with the soft texture of the rest of each gyoza, to create a pleasant texture combination with every single bite.

No matter which filling you choose for your gyoza, you’ll find yourself fully impressed at how versatile the humble dumpling actually is!

New Shanghai

Location: LG23 Queens Plaza, 226 Queen Street, Queensland, 4000.

New Shanghai first found its start in the Metropolitan area of Sydney, where news quickly spread of their amazing dumpling treats.

Multiple locations opened up in the area, and soon customers from all over the world were flocking to see what the fuss was all about.

Finally, they eventually opened a Brisbane location, so all of the clamouring locals can experience dumpling delight themselves.

New Shanghai is proud of its Chinese heritage and seeks to bring the best flavours from the country right to your plate. This includes traditional dishes infused with a modern twist and a massive array of dumplings.

Our pick for the best dish is definitely the pork belly bao, which is heavenly soft, and will melt away with salty flavour across your mouth, to have you satisfied from the word go. Though you likely won’t want to settle for just one dumpling!

Chu The Phat

The 15 Best Spots For Dumplings In Brisbane

Location: 111 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101.

Asian fusion is the name of the game with Chu The Phat. True to its name, this is the perfect place to take family and friends to chat and catch up, while also chowing down on some of the best dumplings in town.

This restaurant even serves a range of exciting cocktails, to make for an exciting night out. These cocktails are all specially created to pair magnificently with every single dumpling option on the menu.

Want the very best of what Chu The Phat has to offer? Make sure to try out the Wagyu dumplings.

As we’ve already mentioned, Wagyu beef is amongst some of the most decadent foods on the face of the Earth, so you can’t go wrong with a yummy dumpling packed to the brim with it!

Fat Dumpling

Location: 2 King Street, Bowen Hills, Queensland, 4006.

Fat Dumpling, unsurprisingly, has a fat selection of amazing dumpling dishes specially designed to get your appetite going, and to excite your taste buds in turn.

Fat Dumpling distinguishes between four distinct types of dumplings on their menu. This includes Chong Dumplings, which are poached and served with a large helping of soy sauce.

Zheng Dumplings, which are classically styled, and steamed within traditional bamboo baskets.

Jian Dumplings, which are pan-fried to feature that amazing crispy bottom. And finally, Bao Buns, which are soft, squishy, and perfect for savouring every crumb.

You truly can do no wrong in Fat Dumpling, thanks to their extensive menu that can satisfy both dumpling aficionados and those looking to try dumplings for the first time!

Little Red Dumpling

Location: 18 Charlotte Street, Queensland

Little Red Dumpling prides itself as the ‘Little, Local Dumpling Bar’. There’s no pretence or extravagance here, just plain good eating from masters of the craft.

Sit down at their table and they will satisfy you with a selection of cold beers and other drinks, while you wait for your yummy dumplings to be prepared fresh from their kitchen.

You would be remiss to not try the Lamb Coriander Dumplings. These red coloured parcels are packed with ingredients that spill out into your mouth. Want to try more flavours than just one?

Check out the Rainbow Dumpling set. This set comes with 2 of each of the five dumpling flavours so that you can taste the rainbow better than a packet of Skittles could let you!

Bamboo Basket

Location: 21/39, Hercules Street, Hamilton, Queensland, 4007.

The signature dish at Bamboo Basket is the Xiao Long Bao. You’ll soon see why they are the signature after you’ve tasted them for yourself. These are steamed dumplings that are filled with cuts of tender pork and filled with soup.

This creates a deeply warming and refreshing flavour explosion that you couldn’t possibly try only once.

If you want to expand your choices outside of dumplings, you can also taste the restaurant’s massive range of other dishes, such as handmade noodles, which are made with love and care every single day by the dedicated and passionate chefs.

Any trip to Bamboo Basket is a surefire way to be incredibly and richly satisfied deep down by the best of Asian cuisine. And every time you visit, you’ll likely find a new favourite dish, thanks to the wild and extensive menu.

Dylan Cole