The 15 Best Cafes In Brisbane

Across every single city in the ‘Westernised’ world, cafe culture plays an integral part.

Whilst Brisbane has previously lagged behind cities like Melbourne with regards to its cafe-cultural reputation, it has fast become a leading city in Australia’s caffeine-crafting scene.

There is nothing like finding your favourite cafe to visit on a weekday before work, or alternatively, to relax on a weekend.

That is why it’s important to know what particular style or atmosphere you are looking for before finding your local hotspot.

15 Best Cafes In Brisbane

Whilst many cafes will boast an ambient and relaxed vibe, some CBD centred cafes are more fast-paced to meet the hustle and bustle of the inner metropolitan life.

Leading a city lifestyle is undoubtedly tiring and it is therefore no wonder that so many are seeking their daily caffeine fix in order to function to their utmost potential.

Luckily, coffee doesn’t just have to be an essentiality, it can be something that you indulge in and take time over discovering.

The cafes and coffee shops that I have listed below provide you with the option to experience a wide range of experimental coffees that will leave you feeling like a caffeine expert in no time!

I have also referenced minimalistic, no fuss alternatives for those of you who do not wish to overcomplicate the cafe experience.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of jargon that surrounds coffee culture and this can be off-putting to some people.

However, these roasters are aware of what their customers want and need and all of these cafes will be able to cater to your individual desires without overwhelming you in the process.

Read on for a comprehensive list of cafes that will be sure to leave you feeling whole and ready to tackle the day. 

Salt, Coffee Roasters

Salt describes their distinctive coffees as “coffee for the modern-day explorer” and this makes this cafe the perfect venue for travellers visiting Australia.

You most certainly will want to stay put permanently once you’ve sampled the weights of their coffee. Their exquisite crumpets are also perfect for the British traveller to sample.

Or, alternatively, their Reuben sandwich will fill you up nicely for the afternoon’s events.

Bellissimo Coffee

Bellissimo are legendary coffee makers for a reason.

They’re one of the most awarded roasters in the entire country and they have created luxurious coffee blends that are delivered to other cafes across Australia.

This is a must-visit if you are local to or visiting Brisbane!

Fonzie Abbott Fox Street Factory 

This coffee shop doesn’t mess about when it comes to coffee roasting. They specialise in silky smooth coffee and also brew beer!

You can stop by their cafe in Albion or grab a cup of their intricate, speciality coffee from their Graceville location in Hunter & Scott.

Pablo And Rusty’s

This coffee shop uses both of their striking venues as experimental ‘sand pits’.

This enables them to constantly switch up their menu, using state of the art equipment to craft the best alternative cafe experience. The food is wholesome and their coffee is heartwarming!

The Single Guys Coffee Co. 

This coffee company values the utmost sophistication when it comes to their sleek and slender coffee creations.

They are centred in the heart of CBD, ensuring that they serve as many busy metropolitan workers as possible with their much needed caffeine fix.

Their alternative, Kenmore setup is also perfect for a wholesome weekend brekkie. 

Botero House 

15 Best Cafes In Brisbane

If it is a specialty drink that you are seeking then look no further than Botero House! This restaurant serves a wholesome, quality brekkie and a phenomenal lunch spread.

There is also a full bar menu on offer to satisfy those with a smaller appetite! This inner city diamond is located in a heritage-building on Adelaide Street and is highly recommended!

Black Sheep Coffee

This cafe is open all week to serve you doses of caffeine-greatness! They constantly keep their range of coffees experimental, utilising new brewing methods and a range of differing beans.

They also welcome pets ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with your friends, family and four-legged companions alike!

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

If you’re local to the neighbourhood or even just visiting, you must head down to Neighbour Coffee Roasters!

They are uniquely located inside an old Mercedes Benz warehouse/workshop and their expert coffees are named accordingly, for instance you can try their infamous “The Merc ” which consists of the silkiest coffee that you will have ever experienced.

Whether you own a Mercedes or not, you’ll be able to salivate over these coffees inside their venue or whilst parked up, safely, inside your own car! 

Parallel Roasters

If minimalistic simplicity is what you are after, then pay a visit to Parallel Roasters.

These Brisbane born coffee experts believe that coffee shouldn’t be over complicated and that it should play a crucial part in your everyday routine.

If you are hesitant about sampling more experimental coffees and just want to get your daily fix without any fuss, then this is the cafe for you.

The taste of their exquisite coffees speaks for itself without the need for any additions or extra embellishments!

Allpress Espresso

Allpress boasts a beautifully ambient atmosphere that will encourage you to take a moment during your morning rush to really embrace the day ahead.

Their coffee is the perfect amalgamation of intricacy and science and they are the suppliers of 1000+ cafes across Australia.

They are specifically soured as a supplier for a reason as the coffee tastes beautiful and their popularity is further evidence of their undoubted expertise. 

Cups And Wells

This cafe believes in “never letting your cup run dry” and their house blended coffee will mean that you never ever want to!

They use the exceptional Wolff Coffee Roasters to make their silky smooth options.

All over-complication is removed to ensure that your morning brain is not overwhelmed by unnecessary eccentricity.

This is the perfect venue for those who are just seeking their caffeine fix within a relaxed ambience without feeling like they are novices for not understanding the technicalities and jargon that can so often make coffee tasting an elitist and pompous experience.

This is a favoured spot amongst locals for a reason!

Microlot Coffee House

The owners of this coffee house own a Colombian farm and therefore this cafe is the very definition of organic. The best of the best beans are sourced and roasted in Brisbane.

This light and airy space will be sure to perk up your morning mood and their menu boasts a small but wonderful selection of delicious treats.

Edward Speciality Coffee

This cafe is hidden amongst the Anzac Square Arcade Building in the heart of the CBD. It’s interior design has hints of New York City and thus, this cafe has a distinctly urban atmosphere.

The building takes the form of a NYC heritage style building and this is a fascinating architectural choice as it is situated in the heart of Melbourne’s own city district.

This makes this cafe the perfect visit for American businessmen/women and visitors alike as you will feel more than at home within the fast-paced nuance of this cafe.

They also offer takeaway options for their array of scrumptious food so be sure to take a notepad to work in preparation for your next lunch!

B+C Lab Cafe

B+C stands for Bakery + Coffee! This cafe is stylish (to say the least!) They serve a wide range of blends that includes Five Sense coffee alongside a range of Japanese-influenced desserts.

Whilst the downstairs seating area may appear small, do not be dismayed as there is an industrial-sized alcove situated upsets that overlooks Urban Village.

This is a spot not to be overlooked itself! 

John Mills Himself

John Mills Himself has had a phenomenal reputation amongst the Brisbane coffee scene for many years.

This is because they source ethical produce and believe wholeheartedly in environmental sustainability.

Therefore, they commit to utilising local produce wherever possible and their coffee is crafted with the same passion and commitment.

Most of these drinks are also topped with heirloom chocolate which is undoubtedly an exciting twist! 

To conclude, Brisbane is catching up to Melbourne with regards to its reputation as a coffee-centred city.

These cafes offer a unique variety of freshly blended, silky-smooth coffee as well as smaller bites and hearty breakfast and/or lunch options.

The best way to gage a cafe’s excellence is through word-of-mouth and all of these venues have a strong reputation for being steadfast and innovative in their own distinctive way of caffeine-crafting.

Whether you are looking to find the perfect spot to nestle-in before a long and arduous working day or you are seeking the simplicity of a large, airy venue to catch up with friends and loved ones, you will definitely find the spot to suit you from the cafes that are listed above.

Whatever your age, cafe culture in Brisbane is ready for you to embrace with warm, open arms!

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