The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

Japanese food is one of the most beloved cuisines in the world. Given this, it’s no wonder the people of Australia can’t get enough of Japan’s delicious dishes and complex flavours.

The only problem is, with so many Japanese restaurants in the city of Brisbane alone, it can be pretty tough to decide where to go for dinner.

The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

We realise that’s probably not the worst problem in the world, but we still thought we’d step in to help.

So in this article, we’ll be talking about the 15 best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane. Why not book dinner out at one soon and let us know how you rate them?


Location: Alden St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Ph: (07) 3193 7392

The first Japanese restaurant on our list is Honto, one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets.

This dark, mysterious bar and restaurant is the sort of place you could be forgiven for walking straight past without noticing it.

However, once you step inside, you’ll find an elegant and sophisticated interior. The dining space has an open plan kitchen at its centre and a gorgeous drinks bar to one side.

This is the kind of place you should go for a special occasion with a small group of friends. The restaurant’s size and intimacy makes it impossible to have a boring meal alone.


Location: 1/70 Mary St, Brisbane, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3211 5407

With this buffet restaurant, we have a modern, relaxed dining experience that tests the traditional notions of Japanese cuisine.

Set up almost like a delicatessen, the front counter proudly displays a wide range of Sushi. It’ll make you feel like a kid in a candy store!

However, their speciality is their authentic Shabu Shabu. This hearty Japanese stew with meat and vegetables that has plenty of different varieties of ingredients and flavours.

Whatever you choose, you can wash it all down with a Japanese Beer, Wine, Sake or a delicious Cocktail.

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San Kai

Location: 164 Grey St, South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Ph: (07) 3846 5978

The knowledgeable chefs at San Kai have brought their Japanese expertise to the edge of the Brisbane River where you’ll find a delicious, authentic dining experience.

Their menu features all of the classic Japanese dishes you know and love, so there should always be something on the menu that suits everyone’s palate.

Sensibly, the team at San Kai doesn’t try to trick up dishes just for the sake of innovation. Instead, they focus their energy on perfecting Japanese classics and making them some of the best in the city.

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Koto Sanpo

Location: 62 Charlotte St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Eating at Koto Sanpo is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing experiences in the whole of Brisbane.

From the striking exterior to the minimalistic and exceptionally smooth interior decor, this place exudes class and modernism.

Even the dishes themselves look like works of art, and it’s easy to tell that the chefs put all of their care and attention into everything they serve.

You can expect to enjoy all the classic Japanese dishes and an interesting variety of matcha drinks too. However, you can also be forgiven for coming here just to take pictures of it!

Editor’s Note: Sadly, we’ve heard that Koto Sanpo has closed.

Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar

Location: 6/220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Ph: (07) 3844 0789

This speciality karaage and ramen bar on Melbourne Street offers a very laid back and typically Japanese approach to food service.

You don’t have to worry about putting on your finest clothes for a meal here and can simply enjoy the delicious Japanese comfort food on offer.

They offer takeaway and delivery options, as well as dine in, so you can enjoy their food pretty much wherever you want.

With everyone’s favourite ramen dishes on the menu, you’ll definitely want to try out their food however you can!

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Yoko Dining

Location: 2/5 Boundary St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 323 6582

Yoko Dining is one of the trendier Japanese restaurants on our list. The venue is a winning mix of traditional architecture and decor combined with a view of the Brisbane River.

What’s more, it plays homage to the famous music bars of Tokyo with a DJ spinning vinyl in the background. Cool, hey?

They have a great range of interesting single dishes, some of which you probably won’t have tried before. In fact, one of our current favourites is Prawns, Kombu Butter and Doughnuts – which tastes as amazing as it sounds. Alongside the a la carte selection, Yoko Dining also offers a couple of Banquet Menus options which are perfect if you drop in with family or friends.

Have you ever tried your hand at making your own sushi or hand rolls? It’s fun to do – especially with kids or friends – and it’d far easier than you think. For more information on Sushi Making Kits, see here.

However, it doesn’t really matter what you order because everything is delicious and you’ll probably spend most of your time gazing at the incredible views around you.

So if you’re seeking a combination of good food and a riverfront location, this is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

Bishamon Japanese Restaurant

Location: 500 Boundary St, Spring Hill, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3832 3888

This small, family owned restaurant puts authenticity at the forefront of its food service ethos, ensuring only the finest, traditional Japanese cuisine makes it onto their menu.

That said, you shouldn’t be put off by any confusing Japanese names you’ve never seen before.

The staff here are plenty helpful and will be able to explain each dish to you and make recommendations based on what they think you’ll enjoy the most.

There’s a reason Bishamon has become so popular: if you visit, you’ll be made to feel like part of the family. Try it and you’ll see why its one of the top Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

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Sushi Kotobuki

Location: 3/53 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane, QLD 4169 Ph: (07) 3392 2301

The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

This fusion Japanese restaurant has been around Brisbane since 2008 and in that time it’s developed and enhanced its menu to the point it’s at today.

Instead of focusing on producing the most authentic, traditional dishes, Sushi Kotobuki likes to experiment with fresh ingredients and new flavour combinations to keep Japanese food exciting and adaptable.

As well as takeaway and delivery options, you can enjoy their food in a relaxed, laid back environment at the restaurant itself.

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Location: t5/45 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane, QLD 4169 Ph: (07) 3391 1449

Shunsai is one of Brisbane’s best reviewed Japanese restaurants, largely based on their authentic and delicious cuisine.

They use an interesting menu system, offering cuisine sets containing a variety of ingredients and flavours that complement each other, giving you the freedom to eat how you want but also pairing the best foods together.

Apart from their amazing cuisine, another well-known Japanese export is their knives. Whether you need a decent steak knife or a beautifully crafted chef’s knife, we’ve got the answer. Click here for prices and more information.

The dinner courses change on a regular basis so you can keep coming back week after week and experience something new each time.

This might be one of the more expensive options on our list, but the premium prices are certainly matched by the quality of the food. Make sure you add it to you list of the finest Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

Kabuki Teppanyaki

Location: Stamford Plaza Brisbane, 265 Margaret St, Brisbane City , QLD Ph: (07) 3100 5688

With Kabuki, we take our first look at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant.

This means sitting right next to the chef’s grill and watching an entertaining show as they cook your meal right in front of your eyes.

Teppanyaki is a great occasion for the whole family to enjoy and ensures you’ll never have a boring meal.

As well as the tableside entertainment, Kabuki has become a popular spot for Brisbane locals and tourists alike for its high quality menu with some of the tastiest dishes in town.

Pop it on your list of the top Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

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Kadoya Japanese Restaurant

Location: 73 Mary St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3229 3993

Kadoya is definitely one of the more relaxed options on this list, providing Japanese comfort food to eat in, takeaway or have delivered.

Designed to be just like a small restaurant in Japan, this place doesn’t take itself too seriously and lets the food do all the talking.

The food definitely speaks volumes about the quality of this restaurant and has received hundreds of 5 star reviews online, making it one of the city’s most popular.

This really is the perfect place to visit for a casual lunch with friends and family or whenever you have a spare half hour in the city.

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Sono Japanese Restaurant

Location: Portside Wharf, 39 Hercules St, Hamilton QLD 4007 Ph: (07) 3268 6655

Here, we have another teppanyaki restaurant, which offers the full range of experiences you could expect to get from any such meal.

As well as the entertaining teppanyaki experience, you can enjoy a more standard, sit down dinner at one of the tables with a striking view of the Brisbane River from Portside Wharf.

The minimalist decor and architecture won’t distract you from the quality of their food and gorgeous views outside the restaurant. Rather, they add to the harmony of your meal.

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Oshin Japanese Restaurant

Location: 256 Adelaide St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3229 0410

This restaurant is another casual, no fuss kind of Japanese dining experience.

There’s no need to be pretentious about what counts as authentic and traditional, this place just uses the classic recipes to produce delicious plates of food.

The friendly environment makes it easy to spend hours here without even realising. Not to mention, the prices on their menu mean you can be well fed without having to break the bank.

To enjoy a well constructed meal and explore some new flavours, you should try their sushi and sashimi platters- you won’t regret it. And that’s why Oshin is on our rundown of the best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

Sake Restaurant & Bar

Location: Eagle Street Pier, Level 1/45 Eagle St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3015 0557

As the name suggests, one of this restaurant’s specialities is traditional Japanese sake wine, which pairs well with pretty much any dish you can order here.

However, you shouldn’t get distracted by drinking yourself silly (unless you want to!) because there’s also a very exquisite menu on offer here.

Choose from a typical variety of Australian-Japanese restaurant staples as well as larger banquet meals.

These decadent dishes are definitely matched by the atmosphere. Professional staff and sophisticated decor make this place feel like one classy establishment.

Again, it’s a little more expensive than the average on this list, but it certainly is one of the best.

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Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Sake Restaurant & Bar has closed.

Harajuku Gyoza

Location: Queen Street Mall, 141 Queen St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3210 1231 See Website for Further Locations

The last restaurant on our list is perhaps one of the most interesting and quirky we’ve looked at.

Naturally, they specialise in gyozas, with dozens to choose from on the menu. However, they also serve classic rice bowls and curries to suit everyone’s tastes.

It’s a very casual and relaxed dining experience that you can enjoy with the whole family.

The knowledgeable and attentive staff are there to help you with whatever concerns you might have, keep you well fed and make you feel welcome and invited.

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