The 15 Best Cafes In Melbourne

Cafes are thriving in Melbourne. Thanks to a number of innovative coffee enthusiasts doing what they do best, and wonderful chefs creating imaginative and distinguished brunch menus, Melbourne has become saturated with a number of great cafes to visit. 

However, with the sheer number of options available, it can be difficult to decide where to go! Below, we’ve listed our 15 favourite cafes in Melbourne, each hand-selected according to their coffee, food, other beverages, and overall feel. Be sure to check them out! 

The 15 Best Cafes in Melbourne

St. Ali 

St. Ali is a pioneer of specialty coffee in Melbourne, and thanks to the brand’s drive to continue pushing boundaries, St. Ali still remains worthy of that title.

Driving the industry forward by creating direct relationships with farmers, and conducting their own in-house roasting, St. Ali does incredible work behind the scenes of their gorgeous coffee shop in Melbourne, making it well worth supporting! 

Situated in an upmarket warehouse in South Melbourne, the cafe itself is large and airy. Although, this doesn’t stop it filling up quickly! It’s a popular spot, full of people enjoying their top quality coffee and delicious food. Be sure to check it out! 

Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary, another of the speciality coffee pioneers in Melbourne, has now become something of an empire. Serving up specialty coffee, super fresh juices and smoothies, a gorgeous variety of tea, homemade cakes, and an unbeatable all-day breakfast, Proud Mary has everything that you could need. 

Based in a warehouse style cafe in Collingwood, Proud Mary stands out for its wonderfully fresh ingredients, particularly creative menu (which is renewed seasonally), and great tasting coffee. The staff are also very friendly and happy to accommodate for diet requirements such as veganism. 

Seven Seeds Speciality Coffee

If you’re looking for somewhere that is dedicated to providing excellent coffee, look no further than Seven Seeds.

Founded in 2007, the owners of Seven Seeds wanted it to represent everything that coffee should be – delicious and surrounded by a culture that is transparent and open to everyone. 

Their small all-day menu is completely constructed using top quality ingredients, and often puts a delicious spin on brunch classics. However, it is the coffee at Seven Seeds that truly takes centre stage.

Lots of loyal customers claim that it’s the best and most consistent coffee in Melbourne town! 

Higher Ground 

From the team behind Top Paddock and Kettle Black, comes Higher Ground, located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. If you’re looking for a cafe with all the benefits of a restaurant, be sure to check out Higher Ground.

It is a wonderfully large cafe-restaurant, with 130 seats across 6 levels, boasting incredible chefs and great wait staff. 

Whether you fancy a place to visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Higher Ground has you covered. From top quality ingredients, to excellent service, to a gorgeous interior design, Higher Ground is an exceptional place to visit in Melbourne. 

Industry Beans 

Begun by two brothers who were inspired by the Third Wave coffee movement, with a vision of roasting high-quality specialty coffee in a transparent and accessible environment, Industry Beans has a great community ethic. 

They offer fantastic coffee and brunch, which can be consumed on-the-go, or as a part of a more immersive experience.

For instance, they offer a multi course brunch, with the option of a cheeky espresso martini! Their brunch menu changes seasonally, and each dish is carefully considered and selected. 

Industry Beans also created the Bubble Cup in 2016, a cold brew coffee, within which coffee-soaked tapioca pearls sit. Be sure to check these out if you take a visit to Industry Beans!

Matcha Mylkbar 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a place to enjoy a deliciously healthy vegan breakfast and coffee, look no further than Matcha Mylkbar. Their mission is ‘to help the earth survive, so that you can thrive’. 

Their 100% plant based menu doesn’t compromise on flavour at all. They offer a unique range of dishes, including a blue algeo bowl. Matha Mylkbar is the perfect place for vegans (or vegan-curious people) to find inspiration, and taste some innovative plant-based food. 

Matcha Mylkbar is also an ideal place to visit if you fancy trying some matcha infused coffee! Matcha has become all the rage in recent years, due to its unique flavour and vast range of health benefits. Be sure to try a green matcha latte if you visit! 

Dead Man Espresso 

The 15 Best Cafes in Melbourne

Dead Man Espresso is many people’s favourite place for coffee in Melbourne. In particular, its low acidic long black is deliciously different to anything else you’ll find around.

Located just around the corner from South Melbourne Market, it’s in a perfect spot for a brunch and coffee catch up. 

Their food menu has all you could want for either breakfast or lunch. From Brioche French Toast, to the Wagyu Burger, Dead Man Espresso have a number of top-quality food options. Be sure to check them out!

Dukes Coffee Roasters 

Situated on busy Flinders Lane, Dukes Coffee Roasters is an intimate cafe, offering some quiet and relaxing solace from the hustle and bustle. As a company, the sole focus of Dukes is to bring top-quality, naturally grown, speciality coffees to Australia.

By working with individual farms or small cooperatives, Dukes sources great, ethically traded coffee beans from around the globe. 

If you’re looking to consume amazing coffee from a company with a great ethic, in a warm, and friendly environment, the Dukes Coffee Roasters’ flagship Melbourne store will give you everything you need.  

Patricia Coffee Brewers 

Perfectly situated in a little corner within the CBD, Patricia Coffee Brewers is a wonderfully consistent coffee shop. It’s run by two best friends, Bowen Holden and Pip Heath, who decided to name their coffee shop after their respective grandmothers.

This quaint space is a warm tribute to two incredible women. 

In 2016, Patricia Coffee began roasting their own coffee, giving them all the more control over the way the coffee they serve tastes.

Now, they serve their own seasonal espresso blend and filter coffees, alongside the products made by standout names in the Melbourne coffee industry, such as Seven Seeds and Proud Mary. 

The guys at Patricia take immense pride in their work, be sure to check them out! 


Journeyman has an industrial setting, within which they offer some of the finest coffee within Melbourne.

Situated where Dukes Coffee Roasters previously sat, on Chapel Street, Journeyman has built on such iconic foundations and has continued to deliver some of the most delicious food and coffee around. 

Their all day menu consists of delicious brunch dishes alongside fresh and filling plates such as mushroom gnocchi. In terms of drinks, they have a great selection of coffee and organic artisan teas. Though, if you fancy something a bit boozier, their cocktails are to die for. 

The Kettle Black 

The Kettle Black has to be one of Melbourne’s most sophisticated spots for food and drinks. It is a unique blend of a cafe and restaurant, and is wonderfully decorated using a merge of old and new styles. 

The Kettle Black manages to elevate brunch to a whole new level. It has gourmet dishes, a chic environment, and wonderful staff. It is vegetarian friendly, and has multiple vegan and gluten free options.

If you’re planning to catch up with a medium to large group of friends over some great food, be sure to consider heading to The Kettle Black!

Auction Rooms 

Situated in the former WB Ellis auction house, Auction Rooms provide wonderful coffee. All of their coffees are sourced from their own beans, which are roasted at the Small Batch Roasting Company. 

In addition to providing top quality coffee, they also offer a great food selection for brunch and lunch. Also, if you’ve had too much coffee and are looking for something a little boozier, they have a good array of alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

As a bonus, there is a small outdoor patio that you can sit on. Be sure to try the chorizo chilli scrambled eggs if you go! 

Small Graces

Small Graces in Footscray is the place to go if you’re looking for an innovative brunch and a strong community spirit. Opening in 2017, Small Graces offers delicious brunch dishes, which have been made using ethically sourced ingredients from Victorian farmers.

Its interior is delightfully decorated with a mix of greenery, vintage pieces, and cosy cushioned spots. It also has an outdoor area which is great for pet owners! 

Their menu is completely seasonal, 100% homemade, and the place overall really tries to focus on sustainability. It’s a great place to visit to try some veg-heavy, top-quality dishes.

Though, it is the side dishes that really set Small Graces apart from other cafes! We recommend ordering a few sides to share – tapas style!

Hardware Societé 

If you want to visit Hardware Societe, be prepared to wait in line! They are an incredibly busy venue, but the food is 100% worth the struggle to get in. Hardware Societe has an icon status within Melbourne, and is often thought of as the best place around. 

Their menu seems quite small, however, don’t be fooled. Their food is innovative, fun, and most of all, quite delicious. They also offer coffee by Padre, a wide range of teas, fresh juices and smoothies! They do a great boozie tea as a brunch cocktail, be sure to try it if you visit.


Mammoth, situated in Armadale, is a particularly charming cafe, with a delightfully delicate interior and wonderfully kind staff. 

Although, this isn’t to say that this is a traditional venue. In fact, the food at Mammoth is innovative, and often puts a dramatic twist on brunch classics. From duck sausages, to the lobster donut burger, Mammoth manages to pull off such intriguing dishes in great style. 

Bookings are welcome but they also reserve some places for walkins. So, if you fancy trying something new, you should definitely stop my Mammoth! The owners hope that Mammoth encapsulates their love of socialising and sharing experiences, and we think it does perfectly.

Final Thoughts 

From innovative chefs to perfectionist coffee makers, Melbourne is home to an incredible amount of wonderful cafes. We hope this list helps you find your perfect weekend spot! 

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