The 15 Best Croissants In Melbourne

Croissants are some of the best tasting pastries in the world. Luckily, you don’t have to head to Paris to get your hands on one. You can find croissants in grocery stores, bakeries, and can even make your own.

Nevertheless, making a good croissant is a very difficult task, as there’s so much to get wrong. You might stop by a bakery when you have a croissant craving, only to bite into tough pastry, a hard center, or a lackluster filling. 

To make your next croissant hunt easier, we’ve done the hard work for you. In this article, we’ve put together the 15 best places to find croissants in Melbourne. You’ll find a good variety of places in our list.

Some specialize in traditional flavors, like almond or chocolate. Others offer experimental choices, like matcha or lemon croissants. Whatever your preferences are, you’re sure to find croissants you love from the places below. 

The 15 Best Croissants In Melbourne

Lune Croissanterie

Lune is well known throughout Melbourne, which explains the regular queues stretching out of the door. Don’t let this put you off, as there’s a reason many visitors flock to Lune during their stay.

Kate Reid initially began the business back in 2012 and has seen nothing but success since. Their Melbourne branch has a small menu, but it doesn’t disappoint, as each croissant is made with attention and care. 

If you prefer the classics, their traditional French croissant is flaky, buttery, and soft. For those that prefer something different, Lune bakes different monthly specials, such as their November Baklava Kouign Amann, or their September Roman Cream bun.

If you don’t mind a lengthy queue, head to Fitzroy and see what Lune Croissanterie has on offer. 

Q Le Baker

This charming French bakery is simply a must-see. It’s serving window looks onto the outdoor seating (and eating) area at one end of the famous Prahran Market. It’s the perfect spot to refuel with a good coffee, a divinely chewy sourdough baguette sandwich and a gloriously flaky Chocolatine Croisasant.

Q Le Baker was created by the baker, Quentin Berthonneau, whose energy and bonhomie are infectious. Interestingly, he only uses rare and sustainable flours in his goods. Each item is beautifully textured and full of flavour, but their croissants are on another level. 

These classic French pastries are woven intricately into their famous shape, shining temptingly with a glossy glazed finish. They are also made with butter from St David Dairy, so you’ll be supporting another small business with every purchase.

Q Le Baker - Best Croissants in Melbourne

These delicious bakes are available in traditional finishes, plain, almond, and pain au chocolat – that’s the Chocolatine.

For great service and gorgeous baked goods, head into Q Le Baker when you’re around Chapel Street. 

Monforte Viennoiserie

Good things come in small packages, and Monforte Viennoiserie is no exception. This little bakery is filled with pastries, hazelnut pain au chocolat, and both sweet and salty croissants.

They specialize in European-influenced pastries and jams that change over the months. The produce also changes over the year, as they only use fresh and in-season ingredients.

There are loads of croissants to choose from, from classic plain to experimental Parmesan and thyme ones. If you’re interested, you have to be quick! This bakery is only open from Thursday to Sunday, so be prepared to queue.

When you next pop down, try and get your hands on the parmesan croissants, as these sell out instantly.

Chez Dre Pâtisserie Boulangerie

Venture down a small alley near the South Melbourne market and you’ll find Chez Dre. This is a French-inspired bakery with a fabulous selection of food on offer. This spot is known for its utmost quality treats, including their two types of croissants.

Go for a plain one served with their homemade jam and butter, or their ham and cheese option, available with sliced tomatoes or a small salad.

There may not be a huge variety, but these croissants are well made to match original French standards. Stop by Chez Dre if you want a simple, but classic croissant.

All Are Welcome Northcote

This small place is always heaving with people, thanks to the delicious fresh goods on offer. All Are Welcome’s baked goods are always baked fresh on-site.

You can find a variety of tasty treats here, from Czech honey cakes to Blood Orange Danishes. They offer traditional croissants, carrying classic plain, ham and cheese, and chocolate varieties. 

Their pastry is always flaky, crisp, and soft on the inside. It’s best to buy your treats as a takeaway option, as seating is limited.

Nevertheless, this is a great place to grab a coffee and a well-baked croissant, so keep All Are Welcome in mind the next time you’re in Northcote. 

Via Porta

Via Porto delivers croissants with a difference. This welcoming eatery has both classic and creative varieties on offer. You have the choice of going for their buttery and flaky traditional croissant or going for one of their more adventurous options.

One of these is their Almond & Lemon Curd Croissant. a pastry that’s baked twice then loaded with lemon curd and almonds. Another is their unique Pistachio & Cherry Morning Bun, a bun that’s made with croissant dough, then filled with compote and pistachio Chantilly cream.

There are no small servings here, so you’ll always feel satisfied at Via Porto. 

Agathe Patisserie

This Parisian-influenced bakery is well known for its authentic French cakes, pastries, and savory bread. If you love variety, you have to give this bakery a try.

Along with their traditional plain, chocolate, and almond varieties, Agathe also serves experimental options. These include choc chip and custard, Earl Grey, matcha, and pandan croissants. 

Their pastry is always buttery and fresh, though you must visit early, as their croissants regularly sell out. Other than croissants, Agathe also bakes gorgeous flans, danishes, and tea cakes, all full of sweet and fruity flavors.

If you’re bored with normal croissants, stop by Agathe Patisserie to fall in love with them again. 


The 15 Best Croissants In Melbourne

Croissants are tasty treats, but due to the butter and eggs needed in the recipe, vegans have always had to miss out. Now, vegans can feel free and enjoy croissants at Weirdoughs, a 100% plant-based bakery.

At this unique store, only plant-based ingredients are used to create several types of croissants. Their vegan butter is particularly designed to mimic the butter that’s normally used in pastries. 

Enjoy the classic plain, chocolate, and almond options, or go for the more daring Turkish delight, tomato, or raspberry cube croissants. If you’re craving something really special, you can opt to fill your croissant with hazelnut spread and chocolate fudge.

Weirdoughs allow vegans the chance to enjoy croissants, but even non-vegans will be tempted by the delicious varieties on offer. 

Ned’s Bake

Ned’s Bake specializes in simple European bakes. Their bread bakes are the main star, but their croissants are just as delectable. The staff are friendly which matches the bakery’s comforting atmosphere.

Both sweet and savory croissants are on offer, including Ned’s unique Vegemite Croissant, a must-try for both kids and adults. 

If you’re bored of toast, feel free to ask for bacon and eggs inside your croissant! Ned’s crisp bacon, fluffy eggs, and buttery pastry all meld to make a beautiful mix of flavors.

Other croissants flavors include almond, cheese, and chocolate, so there’s something for everyone. There’s a generous amount of indoor and outdoor seating, so feel free to sit in when you visit Ned’s Bake. 

The Crux & Cro Patisserie

This pastry shop off of Albert Road may not specialize in croissants, but it makes one of the tastiest ones you will ever try. Known as a ‘crogel’, this lies somewhere between a croissant and a bagel.

Several fillings go well inside it, from ham and cheese to pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. 

You can also try their other croissants, which include almond, matcha, and their signature Italian Charcuterie Croissant, a dish that’s packed with ham, cheese, and balsamic capsicum.

Other than croissants, they also offer delicious pastries and savory breakfast options. This is a great place to sit and enjoy some appetizing dishes, either with friends or just yourself. 

Bread Club

As the name suggests, this shop specializes in bread-based goods. Bread Club only uses local and seasonal produce to create their bakes. Their bread is always fresh as it is baked daily on-site, including their croissants.

Enjoy creative options like their banana-split croissants, although they are known for their classic almond and chocolate ones. 

Diners have raved about the croissant’s flaky, yet soft pastry, as well as their rich and sweet filling. With several sweet and savory treats on offer, you’ll be tempted to visit Brad Club time and time again. 


This Austro-Hungarian bakery has a variety of European-inspired bakes. A warm and inviting place to visit, the staff on hand are friendly and attentive to your needs. The pastries on offer are visually stunning and packed with flavor. 

There are several croissants on offer. You can choose to fill up on ham and cheese ones or try something different, like their shakshuka or ottoman options.

Some of their best croissants are the savory ones; a popular option is filled with speck, sauerkraut, and pork. Austro certainly delivers on flavor, so this is a must-visit if you’d like to try croissants with a difference. 


Visitors love this little space hidden inside Drewery Lane. There isn’t much space to sit down within, but their products more than make up for this.

They have a small menu that’s bursting with flavor, as there are fruity, sweet, and savory bakes on offer. Croissant-wise, you have the choice of filling up on ham and cheese, or treating yourself to a chocolate-filled option. 

Bakemono’s specialty is their Almond & Yuzu croissant. This butter pastry flakes nicely, while the citrus yuzu filling marries well with the almond topping. Their croissants are very popular, so try and get your hands on one before they sell out! 

Gateaux By Marc Frissard

Catered by friendly and attentive staff, this special bakery is well versed in French pastries. Their main specialty lies in beautiful cakes, but their pastries are just as glorious.

They don’t stray away from the classics here. Gateaux focuses on delivering traditional pastries that are big on flavor. 

Whether you choose a plain, almond, or chocolate croissant, you’ll always get a flaky pastry, buttery insides, and a soft filling that’s great to tear apart.

If you wish, you can opt for Gateaux’s homemade jam and butter to have alongside your croissant. This is a perfect spot to sit in if you prefer delicious, no fuss, quintessential food. 


On first inspection, Cavallini is warm, cozy, and inviting from the outside. The inside is just as comforting, thanks to the display of sweet treats on offer. Their menu is smaller than larger houses, but each item is baked with care.

Every single item is made fresh, making sure that your taste buds are satisfied. 

Cavallini’s croissants are visually stunning. They sell traditional flavors, like butter, chocolate, and almond croissants, but they also offer a less common Florentine option.

This is a savory croissant that’s packed with sauteed spinach and cheese sauce. The store is also famed for its Cronut, a pastry that’s halfway between a doughnut and a croissant.

It has a crisp surface that makes way for a curd and creme filling within. It’s hard to choose between the many croissants on offer, but whatever option you go for, you won’t be disappointed with how it tastes. 

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