20 Catering Food Ideas For Engagement Parties

An engagement is a special day. It marks the beginning of a unique journey of love. Many choose to mark this momentous occasion by throwing a party shared with friends and loved ones. But what do you feed them?

20 Catering Food Ideas For Engagement Parties

For many, the organisation of the occasion can be pretty stressful. Booking a professional caterer may help, or you may decide to prepare the food yourself. Either way, to give you a helping hand, here are 20 of our favourite catering food ideas for engagement parties.

Elegant Snacks


Bruschetta - catering food ideas for engagement parties

We’re starting with bruschetta. This a classic, elegant snack that is perfect for an engagement party. Bruschetta is traditionally an Italian antipasto – which is only fitting as Italy is the country of love.

Bruschetta is easily adapted to suit different preferences. For example, using gluten-free bread makes it suitable for coeliacs. Furthermore, there are so many toppings, from pesto, cured meats, vegetables, roasted vegetables and olive oil to your favourite choice of cheese. 

What’s more, it’s an easy item to simply pick up and eat, making it an ideal canape.

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Mini Lasagne Roll-Ups

Mini Lasagne Roll-Ups

Mini lasagne roll-ups are another great engagement party snack. For all pasta lovers, this is a delicious and sumptuous appetiser. Fill it with your choice of ingredients or according to the preferences of your guests. Vegetarians will be happy with ricotta, spinach and pesto, whilst the omnivores can enjoy a meat-based ragu.

Not only does this snack taste great, but it is also cute, making it a visually appealing dish for your guests. 

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Smoked salmon canapes are a brilliant choice for entertaining. This cold appetiser is a luxurious option for an engagement party especially when paired with a bottle of fizz.

Smoked salmon canapes taste great with cream cheese and a sprig of dill on a cucumber. Though many opt for a cream cheese base, it can be varied by using sour cream, Greek yoghurt or quark.Whatever suits your fancy.

Additionally, if you’re not a fan of smoked salmon, it still works well with different fish such as tuna or prawns or for a veggie option with roasted veg. 

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Caviar Canape

Caviar Canape - catering food ideas for engagement parties

Caviar canapes are another elegant appetisers. It can be as simple as caviar placed on a toasted potato bruschetta or cucumber. Caviar has long been associated with luxury and it’s a great choice to mark such a special occasion.

Caviar canapes go well with creme fraiche and a seasoning of garlic, dill and zesty notes for heightened flavour. This snack is a great savoury appetiser that will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

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Savoury Foods 



For meat lovers, cocktail meatballs are amongst the most popular catering food ideas for engagement parties. Whether they’re coated with a sweet and sour sauce, packed with herbs or cooked up with a little bit of spice, they always go down a treat.

This recipe suggests cooking your meatballs in a Crockpot. If you don’t have a Crock-Pot (Slow Cooker), now’s the time to get one! They are so versatile. You can everything from these meatballs, to soups, curries and casseroles in them – and all while you are out! For more information and prices, click here.

Cocktail meatballs are an easy yet tasty go-to food for any occasion. They are a fantastic appetiser to just pick and eat as and when. 

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Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

The shrimp cocktail has got to be one of the best-loved party appetisers. Although once considered a bit daggy, in recent years the prawn cocktail has come back in to fashion. And that’s fine with us.

Whether you love your prawns with a sweet cocktail sauce or a rich, spicy tomato one, there’s a shrimp cocktail to suit your tastes.

This retro hors d’oeuvre makes for a luxurious and light addition to any occasion. To go the extra mile, it can be served in a classy cocktail class or unique dish. 

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Mozzarella, Basil And Tomato Kebab

Mozzarella, Basil And Tomato Kebab

A mozzarella, basil and cherry tomato skewer is a fun appetiser for an engagement party.

Simple yet full of flavour, this kebab features a combination of zesty tomato, and light mozzarella complemented with fresh, perfumed basil. This homage to the Italian flag is finished with a drizzle of sweet balsamic dressing.

This is a savoury snack that can be easily dressed up to make a fantastic show stopper. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also add additional ingredients to the skewer or switch up the variety of tomatoes you use. Maybe go for a range of different coloured tomatoes to make things a bit more fun. 

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Cheeseboard - catering food ideas for engagement parties

A cheese board is a great engagement party option. The platter can be filled with your favourite cheeses – brie, cheddar, stilton – whatever you like.

Alternatively, you can display different cheese platters, one suitable for dairy-free diets and others organised by flavour such as strong cheeses on one board and cheeses containing dried fruit on another.

Want your Cheese and other nibbles to look amazing? Well, maybe it’s time to invest in a new, stylish Cheeseboard. Click here for more information and prices.

You can really have fun with this and dress it up as you please with a border of edible flowers or herbs for a wow factor. 

Healthy Foods 

Vegetables And Dip

Vegetables And Dip

A vegetable platter with a selection of dips has a broad appeal. Whether you opt for a selection of raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot and celery or roasted vegetables, you can really make this platter your own.

Additionally, the use of different dips provides plenty for guests to work with as they can mix and match and try out different flavour combinations.

This is a great way to also add a pop of colour to an engagement spread as you can select bold coloured vegetables and arrange them with flair.

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Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers - catering food ideas for engagement parties

Stuffed mini peppers are a delicious healthy snack of roasted mini peppers filled with cheese and a selection of other ingredients such as bacon or sun-dried tomatoes. This is a brilliant crowd pleasing appetiser, packed full of flavour. Whether you choose cheese or minced meat, roasted quinoa or couscous, these are delicious.

This can be a great veggie or vegan option if it is made with vegetables and grains only. Seasoned well, mini stuffed peppers can make fantastic appetisers. 

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Cucumber Bites

Cucumber Bites

Cucumber bites make a refreshing and cooling appetiser. This appetiser is a great palette cleanser and it can be topped with cream cheese and herbs for a light and succulent nibble.

Healthy and light, this is an appetiser that looks pretty as well as tasting great.

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Mini Pizza

Mini Pizza - catering food ideas for engagement parties

Mini pizzas are one of our more versatile catering food ideas for engagement parties. They are a perfect option, served hot or cold. This is a great choice that enables people to pick and choose different toppings.

You can feature your favourite mini pizzas and give your guest the chance to create their own.

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Mini Sandwiches

Mini Sandwiches - catering food ideas for engagement parties

In all honesty, you can’t go far wrong with a plate of sandwiches.

Mini sandwiches are brilliant for an engagement party as you can create a selection of fillings. This is a fantastic appetiser that can be altered to appeal to everyone by switching up the fillings, bread and presentation.

Moreover, to make those humble sangas a little more special, you can cut them into heart-shapes. After all, we are talking about catering food ideas for engagement parties here, so mark the occasion!

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Slider - catering food ideas for engagement parties

There’s nothing cuter than a mini burger. The all-American slider is a favourite for many. The mini burger makes a fantastic entree and it’s a great show stopper when done right.

Whether you opt for a mini burger and a bun or you go all out and add all the burger toppings and relish, we guarantee these will be snapped up.

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Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a popular choice of appetiser when it comes to a choice of food for an occasion. After all, deviled eggs aren’t just normal boiled eggs, they are something a bit more special.

To get that yolk mix really smooth and delicious, we recommend using a stick blender. These handy little appliances are so useful for making all kinds of yummy things – from deviled egg fillings (!) to soup, smoothies and milkshakes. For more information and prices, click here.

The yolk is mixed with other ingredients to create a delicious filling, most commonly this is mayonnaise and mustard. Deviled eggs are perfect when served cold. Topped with garnish this appetiser is ideal for a party setting. 

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Sweet Treats 

Fruit Kebab

Fruit Kebab

After a day of excitement and a wide selection of appetisers, there’s nothing better than a fruit kebab. You can really do what you want with this by getting creative with your fruit selection.

You could go for a berry mix of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries or a tropical fruit kebab of mango, papaya and banana. Why not pair the skewers with a delicious dip, yoghurt or ice cream?

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Macarons are a great occasion dessert. This sweet treat adds a little elegance to your spread. Macaroons feature a glossy shell with a slight crunch and a sweet gooey centre.

This is a dessert that you can make to suit your guests by offering a selection of different flavours and colours to suit the colour scheme of the event. 

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Dessert Shooters

Dessert Shooters - catering food ideas for engagement parties

Dessert shooters are an all-time favourite. This is a great dessert to go to town on. This can be made into something super sweet and chocolatey or have a fruity twist.

Dessert shooters are a great way to introduce a small sweet treat that’s not too overwhelming. The presentation of these can be bold to suit the theme of the event and topped with decadent garnish.

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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

We’re finishing off our catering food ideas for engagement parties with a firm favourite.

There’s nothing that speaks of romance more than chocolate dipped strawberries. Strawberries dipped in milk, white or dark chocolate are sure to make a statement.

Chocolate dipped strawberries can be painted with different patterns or toppings such as sprinkles, nuts or icing sugar. The mix of a bit of sweetness from the chocolate and freshness from the strawberries is divine.

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Mini Doughnuts

Mini Doughnuts

Miniature doughnuts are perfect for creating a beautiful display. Mini doughnuts make a perfect blank canvas for decorating with unique patterns and designs.

They can be presented to spell something out or simply to create a beautiful display.

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