9 Gluten Free Toasted Muesli Granola Recipes

Muesli and granola, are very similar and both are common breakfast foods. They are especially popular among the healthy eaters who want an energy kick in the morning. 

9 Gluten Free Toasted Muesli Granola Recipes

If you are into your health, but aren’t a fan of gluten, then the change to gluten free granola or muesli is a natural transition. While many regular granola and muesli ingredients like oats and flaxseeds are naturally gluten free, not all are. Therefore, it pays to read ingredients list carefully, as some things may catch you out – like barley.

Muesli and granola are two different dishes based on pretty similar ingredients.

The main difference here is that muesli is raw and then hydrated with milk. In contrast, granola is baked or toasted and then eaten with milk. The choice is yours, but we will cover both types of recipes.

Whether you prefer gluten free muesli or granola, both are a healthy breakfast and one great way to start your day.

Luckily, with these recipes you can make bulk portions. Then you can simply keep your muesli or granola in a jar in your cupboard until you want it. Make enough and you may never need to buy cereal again.

Here’s some of our favourite gluten free toasted granola and muesli recipes that you can make today and eat for breakfast tomorrow. Read on to learn more.

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Quick And Easy Muesli Or Granola

We love this recipe. Not only is it easy and delicious but it is also a really easy way to get your nutrition in early in the day.

Food like almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and other nuts and seeds, are all the great healthy foods that are ideal for starting your day.

This is the other bonus to granola or muesli. While the ingredients will almost always be healthy, you can customise it how you want and to your own preference. 

This level of healthy foods can scare some away, but the breakfast is still super tasty and you can actually sweeten it however you like.

For this recipe apricots are used, as well as coconut chips and honey for some natural sweetness.

Interestingly, the recipe points out that granola and muesli are only really one step removed from each other. Simply bake your gluten free oats and nuts and you would have granola. It’s a totally up to you and which flavour you prefer.

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Crispy Puffed Buckwheat Toasted Muesli

This recipe is geared towards the muesli side and the recipe writer feels it tastes best this way.

The toasted buckwheat is the main reason for this. In this raw muesli, the crispy and toasty flavour and texture of the buckwheat goes really well with raw nuts and seeds of your choice. There is endless scope for customisation with this muesli.

This recipe is extremely healthy but the muesli style gives it lots of texture which some will love. There are few things that can make you feel healthier than chowing down on some oats and nuts. The smart ones amongst us know that plant power is a real thing.

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Fancy something a little sweeter? Then you can easily sweeten this dish to your taste with honey or even go a little further with some vanilla extract and maple syrup.

There’s so much to gain from making this recipe.

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Fruity Gluten Free Muesli

Second on our list of gluten free toasted muesli granola recipes is a breakfast bursting with fruit.

For fans of chewy yet crunchy muesli, this recipe is for you. This recipe prioritises fruit as the main ingredient alongside the normal oats, seeds and nuts.

The addition of fruit – in this case dried apricots, cherries and raisins – helps the muesli stay interesting and also sweet. However, as the sweetness comes from fruit and not sugar, there are still plenty of healthy benefits.

Add whatever dried or fresh fruit you desire, as well as any nuts or other sweetening agents. Having some kefir or yogurt would be a great idea to balance out the sweetness. This is a great breakfast for fruit lovers and it’s so easy to make.

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Gluten Free Toasted Pumpkin Muesli

If you have ever had one of the famous pumpkin spice lattés from Starbucks? Well, this is essentially a breakfast version of what that tastes. But don’t freak out. This version remains super healthy and has much less sugar and fewer calories than the seasonal drink.

On top of the flavours of the pumpkin spice mix, the pumpkin taste is enhanced by the inclusion of pumpkin seeds. This, and the inclusion of other nuts and seeds adds to this umami flavour bomb.

Chia seeds and hemp seeds are really tasty additions that bring huge health benefits to this muesli, as well as adding texture.

Some dark brown sugar, or vanilla sugar, could be a great inclusion if you do want to make this into more of a sweet treat. Or you could always add fruit, as long as you can tolerate fructose.

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Gluten Free Everyman Granola

This is the sort of granola that even kids would eat without knowing the true nutritional value of what they are tucking into.

Packed with low GI, gluten free oats, this recipe offers a sweet, toasty, and nutty flavour profile that anyone would struggle to turn down.

Yet, like the other recipes, the base recipe is merely a blank canvas for you and your kids to tweak as you introduce new flavours.

Your kids might love knowing they are eating ‘flaxseeds’ or ‘Brazil nuts’. This can make their food seem exotic while you pump them full of good nutrition.

Adding little things like chocolate chunks – use dark chocolate for a more bitter bite and also the nutritional boost – can trick the kids into thinking they are having a treat when they are eating something healthy. 

Having a big tub of this in the cupboard on a rushed morning is something that will help you out to no end when you are getting the kids to school.

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Gluten Free Bircher Muesli Recipe

Bircher muesli is essentially just normal muesli that is soaked overnight, in a similar fashion to overnight oats, but they make the muesli a little less crunchy.

It’s effectively the opposite of roasting, the muesli remains raw but the crunchy texture is swapped out for a softer breakfast treat. You can soak in a dairy product like normal milk, or your alternative of choice.

Again, the recipe is totally open to customization, the recipe maker uses their own, but one great recommendation we can give could be cacao nibs and cranberries.

The dried cranberries can bring some great sweetness and chewiness, while the cacao nibs will become softer thanks to the soaking.

This recipe is great if you are already an overnight oats fiend, this offers something a little different with a little more bite while being essentially the same nutritional bomb – we love it!

Gluten Free Chewy Granola Bars

One effective and practical way to make granola easy to eat is to make granola bars. Then you can get the nutrition bomb you need in the morning while on the way to work.

Get a few extra minutes in bed and the necessary boost afterwards with this handheld treat.

Again this is a total winner for getting nutrition into kids. They will happily eat granola bars without much thought as to what’s inside them.

Yet, little do they know of the nutritional value of oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds (linseeds) and everything else you put in there. The only thing they see and taste is the honey and chocolate.

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No Bake Gluten Free Energy Muesli Bars

Coming up next on out list of gluten free toasted muesli granola recipes is an entry that is fun and clever. These bars are essentially a muesli take on the granola bar. Yet they require no baking whilst being both easy to make and very practical.

These bars are definitely the furthest move away from the traditional recipe. Some of the ingredients in the list are super foods which makes this a highly nutritious recipe.

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If you can’t get your hands on things like goji berries and quinoa flakes, feel free to swap things out. You can definitely replace items with your preferred alternatives.

One different take is the chocolate tahini sauce they use on top which very creative and helpful. Definitely worth a look if you are a vegan baker, this could be your next plant-based hack.

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Nut Free And Gluten Free Chocolate Muesli Bar

This recipe takes what are still healthy ingredients but transforms them into a sweet treat. Fussy kids will be none the wiser – and, of course, parents can indulge in this healthy treat too.

Helpfully, these bars a free of nuts but feel free include them if you aren’t allergic.

Chopped sunflower seeds, and any other seed you may want to include will add to the texture. They also have a similar nutritional profile to nuts as well, which is great.

Coconut along with butter and cornflakes as well as dark chocolate chips help the bars be sweet and appealing.

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Final Thoughts

These gluten free toasted muesli granola recipes are so healthy, fun, and creative. You can experiment and create endless variations while still keeping the nutrition on point.

This is arguably the best thing about these recipes. Yes, they are healthy. But they are also so adaptable. With these recipes you can sub in and out any ingredients that you want or don’t. 

Muesli and granola are so similar (and the terms used so interchangably) that we’ve collated ten vegan and gluten-free muesli recipes that you should also check out.

Make tomorrow better by making these recipes.

9 Gluten Free Toasted Muesli Granola Recipes

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Check out our gluten free toasted muesli granola recipes for ideas on how to start the day with a healthy spring in your step.


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