10 Gluten Free Grain Free Scone Recipes

There is something quintessentially British about the humble scone.

Americans see scones as the sign of high class, a sophistication associated with their British friends across the pond. A scone is a bit like what Americans call a biscuit. It has a similar crumbly and tight texture but is often mixed with different flavours in Britain. From a basic dough recipe you can go savoury, with cheese and bacon, or sweet with currants and other dried fruits.

In contrast, Americans tend to eat them straight, with gravy.

10 Gluten Free Grain Free Scone Recipes

Sadly, trying either the British-style scone or Americanised biscuit can be a struggle if you are gluten intolerant.

But never fear, there are many many gluten free scone recipes out there. Luckily, lots are vegan and grain free too and are totally scrumptious.

One ingredient that is going to appear in this list quite a bit is xanthan gum. This helps create the thickening and emulsive properties that you’d usually get from wheat flour . It is pretty cheap and easy to buy here on Amazon. We feel it’s a must-have pantry item for any gluten free friend or celiac sufferer.

Let’s explore the classy world of gluten free grain free scone recipes together, we’re sure you can find the one for you within this list.

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Traditional British Gluten Free Scones (Non Vegan)

Let’s start off with the basic recipe for scones that are gluten free, but still use traditional ingredients like butter – this recipe comes straight from the Brits themselves, so you know it’ll be traditional too.

The main gluten free part of the recipe is replacing the wheat flour with some form of gluten free alternative. You can choose your own preferred alternative flour. Just remember that the flour you chose can have varying effects in terms of flavour and texture, so do some research.

In this recipe, the only real change is the choice of flour. Apart from that, it’s a pretty regular scone recipe. It even has currants!

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Gluten Free Cheese Scones

Vegans may want to skip this one, but if you are gluten free, or celiac, but still love cheese, this is another recipe that pays homage to a great English ingredient. Cheddar cheese.

Again, this is another traditional recipe that celebrates the classic flavours but still is gluten free, awesome.

As before, the gluten free flour choice is up to you. As scones are already pretty crumbly in texture, the gluten free flour does not detract too much in terms of flavour or texture, which is often the worry.

These cheesy scones are a fantastic savoury treat, great for a quick lunch or at a tea party.

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Gluten Free Scones With Buttermilk

This addition to our gluten free grain free scone recipes is really interesting. It uses gluten free ingredients to make it seem like none have been used at all. What we mean is that the scones feel like they have gluten in when they don’t. It’s very clever.

The secret is adding almond flour and buttermilk. The recipe creator finds that these two ingredients make the scones as moist as including gluten would make them.

The end result is gluten free scones where you don’t miss out on anything of the texture or taste that you’d get from gluten.

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Vegan And Gluten Free Cheese Scones

Okay vegans, tune back in now, we have a cheesy treat for you. These scones are vegan but also gluten free and they don’t scrimp on any of the umami flavours that vegans might feel they miss out on.

This recipe has cheesiness and savouriness and is a true delight at lunch time. However, it cleverly replaces all the dairy ingredients with dairy alternatives as well as using gluten free flour. These taste amazing and you can barely tell they lack the original ingredients.

We recommend customising the dough further by adding jalapenos, olives of herbs to the mix.

This recipes calls for Vegan Cheese. See our article for some ideas on which ones to use.

Gluten Free Blueberry Scones

This recipe is a truly great one that brings something a little different to a tea party or ladies lunch.

This type of scone is an ideal choice for a tea cake – a British term for a cake or pastry you may have with tea, often with cream and jam.

These are such a classy treat. The inclusion of blueberries and lemon zest really give these scones another dimension and make them all the more special.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Scones

These scones take an American route rather than European, essentially making sweet biscuits but with chocolate

The addition of chocolate makes these ideals for a kids birthday party, if only to serve the doting moms. That said, kids will also love the chocolate and these scones being a fairly healthy treat can only be a good thing. They avoid refined sugars and use stuff like raw honey instead.

We find these make a lovely weekend breakfast with some coffee and the newspaper.

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Very Berry Gluten Free Scones

This recipe is an ideal one for summer. You can just imagine a sophisticated party on the patio enjoying some scones and iced tea in the sun. Lovely.

With the addition of all kinds of different berries, these are fruity and tasty. We suggest using what is local and ripe in your area. After all, if it’s in season, it’s generally at its best.

All kind of food prep – from baking to chopping and whisking – are easier with a food processor. For the latest models and prices, see here.

The addition of Greek yogurt here really adds some moistness to the gluten free alternatives. Better still, it makes these scones that extra bit indulgent. Of course, if you follow a dairy-free diet, you can swap this for an alternative.

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Fruit And Nut Gluten Free Scones

This is another take on the classic recipe that is still gluten free and awesome. These scones are for the nut lovers among us. In fact, if you love nuts, you will go nuts for this recipe.

These scones are the perfect breakfast meal – substantial and tasty. The inclusion of nuts give a good hit of protein – something that is always useful in your diet.

Once again, whichever gluten free flour you choose is up to you.

The addition of dried fruits adds sweetness and makes this recipe ideal for winter when fresh fruits aren’t so plentiful. Feel free to experiment with different nut and fruit combos.

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Gluten Free Cranberry Scones

Cranberries are such a versatile fruit that have a really unique flavour profile. They are generally pretty sour and yet still sweet. And they are perfect for more savoury recipes. These facts make them the ideal scone fruit.

As cranberries are so versatile, you can have these scones at any time of the day and with a variety of toppings: cream, jam, even cheese could potentially be a great combo with cranberries.

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Gluten Free Strawberry Scones

Finally, on our rundown of gluten free grain free scone recipes we’ve got a really British version. These are a right and proper British summertime treat. No we are not talking about the rain, we are talking about that classic British pairing – strawberries and cream.

If you had to take a scone to Wimbledon for the tennis, this would be it.

Fragrant and totally delicious, we love these with a dollop of clotted cream. And to hell with the calories!

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Final Thoughts

There you go, an extensive gluten free route through the world of scones – a true British treat. Scones are really versatile as well as adaptable. With a little imagination, you can use fresh produce that is ripe at the time, or use dried imported fruits. The world is yours with scones.

In England, they love to have scones with tea. In Britain British tea is what Americans call breakfast tea. It has a very umami taste and is often drunk with milk and sugar.

Tea is the ultimate companion to cake or scones. In fact, did you know that in Britain there is an ongoing debate on whether a scone is a cake or not?

It can get pretty confusing, but don’t let that stop you making these classic goodies today.

10 Gluten Free Grain Free Scone Recipes

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