10 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

Pancakes are a staple breakfast for many households across the world. Which is a shame for those of us who need to avoid gluten in our diets, or simply can’t eat them due to medical reasons.

10 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

Luckily, there are plenty of great gluten-free pancake recipes that you can use instead.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourite GF Pancake recipes and have included information on their ingredients and nutritional value as well as tips on how to make them. Enjoy!

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Gluten-Free Pancakes

Starting off our list of gluten free pancake recipes we have a great one from Caroline Hire. This is the perfect set of instructions if you are trying to cut the gluten, but love authentic, crepe-like pancakes.

These are simple, no-fuss pancakes which go well with additions such as fresh fruit, peanut butter or a chocolate sauce.

The batter can also be used for making muffins – just add 2 extra tablespoons of flour and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder when you are making the original recipe batch.

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Almond Flour Gluten-Free Pancakes

This recipe, with its use of almond flour as a normal flour substitute, will help give you those delicious results that you love in your pancakes, whether they are gluten or non-gluten.

The method here calls for mixing some ingredients on low speed until smooth, then adding the rest of the dry ingredients and stirring well. Finally, pour over a hot oiled pan and cook for about 3 minutes on each side.

These make a nice change from traditional gluten-filled ones and work perfectly well as a snack as well as being ideal for brunches or picnics.

As well as being delicious, these are extremely quick to make and very healthy too. To start, you need to soak some almonds overnight to remove any bitterness from the skins.

Once you have done this, there is no further work involved in preparing the rest of the ingredients.

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Gluten-Free Pancakes

It can often be a little intimidating when you first start making gluten-free pancakes, as you’re not sure exactly what to expect from any recipe.

Fortunately, this recipe helps break down the process and provides an excellent gluten-free dish for you to build up your gluten-free skills from.

These almond flour pancakes are light and fluffy, with a very subtle nutty taste, and they work well served warm with maple syrup. They are easy enough to make at home but will take some time to get the hang of rolling the dough around the pan properly.

Once mastered though, they are a delicious treat whenever you want them, from a hot summer’s day to a cold winter morning.

This recipe call for Xanthum Gum, which helps to thickened and stabilise the mixture. You can buy Xanthum Gum here.

The batter should feel slightly loose, but thick enough to hold its shape while cooking. If it feels too wet, then try adding another tablespoon of almond flour.

You may need to play around with this amount until you achieve the consistency you want; it takes practice to get the hang of how much batter to use to cook up plenty of pancakes for you, your friends, and your family.

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Paleo Coconut Flour Gluten-Free Pancakes

The trickiest part of creating a gluten-free pancake recipe is finding an appropriate flour substitute. Fortunately, this is one of our gluten free pancake recipes that makes the bright decision to use a coconut flour base instead of traditional flour.

For those who aren’t familiar with coconut flour, it’s made by grinding dried coconut into a fine flour. Not only is it gluten free, but it is naturally high in fibre and rich in nutrients. Moreover, it works particularly well as a healthy replacement for wheat flour due to its high protein content.

If you wish to make your own nuts flours – such as almond flour or coconut flour – it’s actually quite easy. All you need is a Coffee Grinder or a Blender. Click the links for more information and prices.

In this case, it replaces the usual wheat flour in the recipe and provides a healthy alternative for those following a gluten-free diet.

To create the pancakes, simply mix all the dry ingredients before combining them with the liquids. Then whisk until smooth, and finally add the butter to your frying pan. Don’t overcook them.

As a bonus, these pancakes freeze well if you allow them to cool completely before popping them in the freezer. We like to vacuum seal ours before we store them in the deep freeze.

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Almond Crêpes With Avocado & Nectarines

This is a recipe that is positively bursting with flavour.

The combination of the avocado and nectarines is perfect here, working beautifully together to provide a sweet and creamy texture to complement the delicate crêpe batter.

If you’re looking for something a little different, this would also be a good choice if you wanted to go for a savoury breakfast instead.

You’ll notice that this recipe calls for Greek yogurt rather than regular milk or dairy milk, however, I recommend substituting the latter if you have it available (although not necessary).

The reason why is because of the higher fat content. While coconut flour does contain some fats, it doesn’t necessarily contain the same type of fat found in dairy milk.

Therefore, although this recipe uses Greek yogurt in place of dairy milk, it still needs the additional fat provided by the milk itself to help bind the batter together.

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Gluten-Free Dutch Baby

Don’t worry, there are no actual Dutch babies in here! This delicious recipe is the perfect start to any day, especially if you are looking for something a little different from your traditional pancake.

In this particular recipe, we’ve taken advantage of the versatility of coconut flour to replace the normal wheat flour used in the classic version.

As such, this recipe contains only four main ingredients: eggs, butter, coconut flour, and water. You can adapt this recipe to suit your tastes though.

For example, you could easily swap the cinnamon for vanilla extract, or add chocolate chips to make this dessert even better!

As mentioned earlier, this recipe makes use of coconut flour which has been specifically developed to replace the gluten found in wheat. Therefore, when baking with coconut flour, you need to remember that, unlike other flours, it won’t work in the same way as conventional wheat flour.

Once baked, these babies are filled with custard and then dusted with icing sugar. They are divine!

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Protein Gluten-Free Pancakes

If you’re looking for extra protein with your pancake recipes, then this is the dish you’re looking for!

We’ve taken the basic idea behind our favourite pancake and given it an edge by adding egg whites to the mix. We’ve then added chia seeds to provide a boost of fibre and healthy omega 3 fatty acids to this already nutritious breakfast.

To top things off, we’ve included both bananas and blueberries. These fruits are perfectly complemented by each other and give this recipe a wonderful fruity kick.

However, if you’d prefer something more savory, then try adding sausage or bacon to the mix. Or perhaps you’d like to introduce some spinach into the equation?

When cooking this recipe, you will most likely find that your pancake batter becomes very thick. However, don’t let this put you off. It simply means that all the different ingredients have combined well and will create a really tasty pancake.

There’s nothing like starting the morning with a hearty and filling meal, so enjoy this one while it lasts!

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Gluten-Free Buttermilk Pancakes

These pancakes are a must-have on the menu. They are light and fluffy, but also incredibly satisfying.

The secret to making them light and fluffy is using buttermilk instead of regular milk. Not only is it lower in calories, but it also helps to create lighter pancakes. However, be warned that they do require a bit more effort to prepare.

You’ll need to whisk the buttermilk until it forms soft peaks. The key to creating great results lies in the temperature of the bowl. If the bowl is too cold, the mixture will be difficult to combine.

Conversely, if the bowl is too hot, the buttermilk will curdle. To avoid either scenario, you should ensure the bowl is at room temperature before mixing.

Once you’ve got everything together, just pour the batter over a heated griddle and cook until golden brown. This takes around 5 minutes, although the exact time will vary depending on how big your pan is.

Enjoy this delicious recipe once the first batch is out of the oven!

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Coconut Flour Gluten-Free Pancakes

For another great coconut flour base recipe, this one is sure to get your taste buds tingling!

This recipe uses a combination of sweetened condensed milk and coconut cream to create a deliciously rich and creamy flavor.

However, what sets these pancakes apart from others is their texture. While they aren’t quite as delicate as those made from wheat flour, they still have a delightfully light feel about them.

They also boast a lovely pink color thanks to the addition of beetroot juice.

As far as toppings go, there’s no limit to what you can add. You could opt for strawberries and whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramelized bananas, maple syrup, or even fresh fruit such as raspberries.

Whatever you choose to serve alongside them, these pancakes are guaranteed to please.

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Gluten-Free Pancakes

We’re going to close off this list of gluten free pancake recipes with another classic gluten-free recipe.

If you want to make pancakes for breakfast easy any day of the week, then this is certainly the way to go.

As always, you’ll need to start with a good quality gluten-free flour blend. In this case, I’m talking about Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Baking Mix.

Unlike many recipes, this one requires very little preparation. Simply add 1 cup of water to the bowl, stir it well, and voilà! Your batter is ready to use straight away.

If you would rather not use baking powder, then you may consider using xanthan gum. This ingredient has been used in place of yeast, raising agents, and other additives that help to provide structure to baked goods.

While thickening isn’t necessary, it does give the pancakes a slightly different consistency. That said, you could easily skip this step if you prefer.

When cooking, keep an eye on the pancakes so that you don’t burn them. They tend to stick to the skillet a bit, which makes it important to flip them halfway through the cooking process.

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There you have it. 10 gluten-free pancake recipes that will help you get creative when making your own.

From simple ones like blueberry pancakes to more complex creations like the Coconut Flour Pancakes above, you’ll find something here that fits your tastes and preferences perfectly.

10 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

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