10 Gluten Free Savoury Vegetable Muffin Recipes

Do you have issues with gluten? Are you looking for some tasty gluten free savoury vegetable muffin recipes? Well then look no further because we’ve got you covered.

10 Gluten Free Savory Vegetable Muffins Recipes

These delicious muffins are packed full of flavour and nutrients.

Gluten Free Muffins are becoming increasingly popular. They are great for those who suffer from Celiac (Coeliac) disease or gluten intolerance.

And who says that muffins have to be sweet? This type of food is too good to be reserved as an occasional treat. Here at Eatability, we want to eat muffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Incidentally, many of these savoury muffin will stick to a regular paper muffin liners. Because of this, we recommend using a silicone muffin tray or a greased muffin tin. For more information and prices, click here.

While it might not be healthy to have a sweet muffin for every meal of the day, eating savoury muffins is much more acceptable. 

And luckily, there are lots of different types of gluten free savoury vegetable muffin recipes out there. Some are very sweet, some more umami, some are soft and chewy, some are crispy and crunchy.

This article has 10 delicious recipes for you to try.

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1.Savoury Vegetable Muffins

These colourful muffins allow you to use any vegetables that you want. This gives you free-rein with whatever is seasonal and appeals to you at the time.

The recipe calls for a no egg replacement which is made from things such as tofu and chickpea flour. 

The absence of all-purpose flour is what makes this recipe gluten free. Nevertheless, these muffins are delightful, and they are bite size too.

They’re excellent for kids and adults of all ages, so your entire family should love them. 

Another thing that we love about this recipe is that there are so many different ways to customise it. Feel free to play with vegetable combinations and herbs and spices. You never need to make the same kind of muffin twice.

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2. Soft Vegetable Savoury Muffins

This is another recipe with a similar concept but with a slightly different flavour profile. It’s also made without eggs, so it’s dairy and egg free.

You can use whatever veggies you like, so feel free to experiment.

We used carrots, broccoli, capsicum, zucchini and mushrooms. 

This recipe uses one kind of flour and some starch, so it’s easy to make and requires minimal ingredients. If you don’t mind using a few extra ingredients, you could add some spices or herbs to give it an additional kick.  

These muffins are excellent for people of all ages thanks to their flavour and softness. Savoury muffins can sometimes be hard and crunchy, but the gluten-free starch ensures that these muffins remain soft and moist.

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3.Healthy Vegan Savoury Muffins-Gluten Free

Next up we have a recipe that uses buckwheat flour instead of all-purpose flour to make it gluten free. Buckwheat flour has a unique nutty taste that we really like and feel goes particularly well with veggies.

And there are a great selection of healthy veggies in this savoury muffin. It contains nutritionally heavy punchers like spinach, zucchini and carrots.

We think that this is one of our favourite gluten free savoury vegetable muffin recipes. 

The recipe calls for grated carrot and zucchini, but you can add whatever you want into it.

Plus, the pumpkin seeds sprinkled on the top give you with a great crunchiness as you bite into your muffin. That little bit of texture makes all the difference. In fact, we’ve taken this tip and often toss pumpkin or sunflower seeds on top of our savoury bakes.

Use this recipe for healthy breakfasts, lunch, and dinners – or even just snacks. 

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4. Gluten Free Savoury Muffins-Paleo & Dairy Free

If you’re looking for a paleo friendly savory muffin recipe then look no further than this one. It’s made with almond flour, tapioca flour, and sunflower seeds for a crunchy top.

All three of those ingredients are Paleo approved, so you can enjoy this recipe guilt free. 

This recipe includes a variety of veggies like zucchini, onion, garlic, and spinach. The recipe doesn’t call for many vegetables, but you can add them in yourself or sprinkle some on top with the sunflower seeds.

Veggies are also paleo and dairy free, so you won’t be compromising the recipe by adding more of them.

However, if you’re happy with just spinach then leave the recipe how it is. You’ll find these muffins so yummy that you’ll want to make them over and over again, so you can try different vegetables each time. 

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5. Gluten Free Savoury Muffins

We’ve included this recipe because it has become a staple at home. Everyone loves it and gets excited when they see us making them. These muffins have a nice texture and taste.

They contain a lovely short list of ingredients, so you won’t have to buy too much extra to make them.

You will need gluten free flour, but you should have this in your pantry. If not, it’s not too expensive to buy at the supermarket.

This recipe calls for butternut squash or carrot, with some basil leaves mixed in to enhance the flavor. 

It also includes crumbled feta cheese, which is an amazing addition as it adds a salty, umami dimension to the muffins. It also keeps them light and moist.

We love these muffins, and we bet that your entire family will too! Make them today – you won’t be disappointed. 

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6. Healthy Savoury Sweet Corn And Carrot Muffins

These muffins have a very unique flavour. They include sweet corn, red bell pepper (capsicum), and carrot along with the magic ingredient – smoked paprika. We are huge fans of the BBQ notes that smoked paprika can bring to a dish and use it quite a bit, so this recipe is a favourite.

These muffins are also packed full of fibre and protein, so you can eat them without feeling too guilty.

They call for a gluten free all-purpose flour, so make sure that you have some of this on hand. You’ll also need a cheese spread and milk – you can use dairy free alternatives if you want the recipe to be free of dairy as well. 

These healthy muffins are a lovely accompaniment to lunch or dinner. Alternatively, they can be eaten on their own as breakfast or a snack.

They’re also excellent lunchbox treats for kids and adults alike. The more you make these muffins, the more you’ll experiment with different vegetables and spices. 

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7. Gluten Free Savory Muffins

These muffins are perfect for any occasion. They’re easy to make, and they taste delicious.

They’re also good for people who are trying to cut down on carbs, as they only contain about 15g per muffin.

That means that you can eat two of these muffins without going over your daily carb limit.

The recipe calls for an all-purpose gluten free flour, which can either be purchased online or at your local supermarket. You’ll also need cornstarch.

If your gluten free flour doesn’t contain xanthan gum, you’ll also need to add this into the recipe. 

This recipe doesn’t contain vegetables, but not let that stop you adding as many as you like. The quantities aren’t going to mess up the baking process, so go nuts!

The cheesiness of the recipe will compliment the vegetables perfectly and make them a household favourite.

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8. Gluten Free Veggie Muffins (Perfect For Kids!)

Continuing our look at gluten-free savoury vegetable muffin recipes are have one that is great to kids.

They’re made from almond flour, flaxseed, tapioca starch, and baking soda. Interestingly, they don’t contain eggs – apple sauce is used in place of them.

The vegetables in this mix are carrots, zucchini, and broccoli. So this is a great way of getting green veggies into kids without them putting up too much of a fight. 

These are perfect for lunchboxes, afternoon snacks, and even quick breakfasts.

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We like to make a double batch and freeze half for another time.

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9. Savoury Zucchini Muffins 

These savoury muffin recipes are perfect for anyone looking to get more veg into their diet.

These particular muffins are made with chickpea flour and include nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast adds flavour as well as providing a health-enhancing dose of B vitamins – especially useful for vegans. You can buy nutritional yeast here.

They also contain zucchini, and you could add mushrooms and spinach. This makes them extra nutritious, since all three of those ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals.

As a bonus, there’s no egg in the recipe so they are suitable for anyone with an egg allergy.

What we love about this recipe is the presentation with a slice of zucchini on the top of the muffin. Once baked this looks great and therefore can be used as party food when you’re hosting friends and family. 

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10. Gluten Free Savoury Muffins With Pesto

These savoury muffins are made using gluten-free flour, chickpea flour and polenta – giving them great texture. They have pesto spread on top instead of cheese, and there’s no egg in the mix either.

The vegetables used here are sundried tomatoes, onions, and herbs. We like to add olives sometimes as we’re fans of their salty hit.

This is a great recipe for vegetarians and vegans. 

Even better, it only takes 15 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook, so you won’t be spending too much time in the kitchen at all. These are great for all of the family, so what are you waiting for?

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Hopefully, this article has given you 10 amazing savoury vegetable muffin recipes that you can use to create tasty treats for yourself and others.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and now you know how to make delicious homemade muffins.

10 Gluten Free Savoury Vegetable Muffin Recipes

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