10 Gluten Free Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet Potato is a bit of a unicorn in the pantry. It’s not really a vegetable or a fruit. If you want a botanical debate it’s actually a tuber. But excitingly, flavour-wise it walks the tightrope between savoury and sweet. It’s this duality that makes it such an amazing ingredient.

10 Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pie Recipes

Moreover, while the regular potato is totally great, and we love it for loads of separate reasons, the sweet potato has so much more nutrition than the generic potato.

It has way more of the fibre, vitamins and minerals, including potassium and calcium, that we need to maintain a healthy diet.

Let’s be honest, the sweet potato is more good looking than the normal potato too. Did you know you can even get purple potatoes and many other colours in the potato capital of the world – South America?

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In any case, those who are gluten free will really appreciate the carb heavy and satisfying flavours that the sweet potato can bring. Especially when they are added to gluten free dishes. 

The sweet potato pie is an American classic and one that you can easily make gluten free as you wish. Even better, it is also a dish that you can make savoury or sweet, depending on how you like it.

Some of these recipes might blur the line of what we consider to be a pie. However, all have very similar ingredients and flavours going on.

Here are some of our favourite gluten free sweet potato recipes that you can try at home today. Let’s learn about gluten free baking and the sweet potato together.

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Blondies

We’re kicking off our look at gluten free sweet potato pie recipes with a curve ball. This is a super fun recipe that showcases the best aspects of a sweet potato pie, but is great for those who aren’t huge on pastry. Whether for gluten-related health reasons or otherwise.

These are essentially healthy brownies. Yes, you heard me right! These not only taste sweet, but use ingredients that are high in nutrition. So you can enjoy these blondies without worrying excessively about the effect they are having on your body. Or the annoying gluten troubles you may have.

Another draw for this recipe, beyond the nutritional ingredients and great taste, is that the recipe is not only healthier than a sweet potato pie, but is actually way easier. 

With this recipe you can get kids involved. They’ll find them fun to make and delicious to eat. They have a lovely chewy texture. The flavours are nutty but sweet and are reminiscent of a great warm hug on a cold day. Even their colour is autumnal.

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Casserole

Again, this recipe offers a perfect alternative for the pastry of a sweet potato pie.

If you aren’t a fan of gluten free pastry alternatives, then this can be a great way to get the same crunch and texture with gluten free and healthy alternatives.

This recipe has really simple ingredients and remains organic and natural. It’s a great option if you love the Thanksgiving side dish, but want something that ticks your dietary boxes. As well as being gluten free, the use of almond milk makes it suitable for vegans or those who are lactose intolerant.

The clever design of the recipe means that nuts can replace the crunch you might expect from pastry. Of course, nuts also provide a really great flavour and a host of nutritional pluses along with complimenting the humble potato.

While the recipe is gluten and dairy free it is still rich and sweet. Perfect for a festive table.

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Bread

Potato bread? It’s a gift for a celiac sufferer and this recipe will definitely reignite your love with ‘bread’.

The sweet potato brings a moistness and pleasant texture to the bread. Something that is sadly often often missing in the gluten free breads of the world.

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Even better, you could bake this recipe for an unassuming friend and we get they wouldn’t be able to tell.

Moreover, this recipe has all the flavours you want from sweet potato pie and more, simply with a texture that the gluten free among us don’t have access to all the time. Try it and see if we are right.

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Gluten Free Silky Sweet Potato Pie

Okay, now it’s pie time! This recipe may be harder and requires more skill than the others, but produces a silky and scintillating pie that just doesn’t miss.

Not only is this pie super scrumptious but also is extremely healthy too. What’s more, it’s paleo and vegan as well as gluten free. Indulging has never been more fun or guilt free.

The ‘pastry’ is made from almond flour, tapioca flour, and coconut flour. However, you could easily change out these wheat flour alternatives for whatever you find in the grocery store.

TIP: If you want oat flour, just grind up oats in a high powered blender. This is sometimes easier to do than to find actual oat flour sold at the store.

The filling is insanely good and all the ingredients work so well together, no matter how you customise it.

For all those fearing that it just won’t taste like your normal pie, be ready to be proven wrong. The flavours work together to create a guilt free, luscious experience we crave every time Fall comes around.

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Muffins

Okay, back to the non-conventional gluten free sweet potato pie recipes. This muffin recipe, though, will blow your socks off on those cold winter days.

Cleverly, this recipe combines different elements of all the sweet potato dishes that we love. We’re talking marshmallows, autumn flavors, and sweet moist textures – yummy!

Not only is this dish absolutely delicious, but if you have just had a Thanksgiving gathering, or something similar, and you find you have loads of leftover sweet potato mash then this is the best way to use it.

So these muffins are waste-free, as well as sumptuous.

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Gluten Free Candied Sweet Potatoes

We all know this dish and we either love it or hate it. After all this is the US dish that Europeans and other non-US citizens perhaps find the most confusing.

But we think candied sweet potatoes can bring out everything you want in the sweet potato without having to involve any pesky gluten.

Of course, normal marshmallows do indeed often have wheat starch in them. A big no no for the gluten free among us.

So, the main task in this recipe is finding the right marshmallows that you can eat and enjoy. That said, we reckon many sufferers may already know of a gluten free brand of marshmallow that they love.

Beyond finding this ingredient, everything else is fairly straightforward.

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Gluten Free Candied Sweet Potatoes (Without Marshmallows)

As we explained, marshmallows aren’t gluten free unless you can find a specialty brand. If you live out in the sticks, this may not be so easy. So with this in mind, we have a recipe to help you out.

With this simple recipe you can emulate much of the taste you may expect from the previous dish, simply without using marshmallows.

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Cheesy Sweet Potato And Kale Galette

Okay, now if you really want to impress your guests, or just yourself, then this recipe is the one for you. Gluten free sweet potato pie recipes don’t get much fancier than this.

A galette is a French term for what is essentially a very rustic pie that doesn’t use a tin to bake.

This recipe can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It is essentially a savoury – and gluten free – take on the classic sweet potato pie recipe. Furthermore, it is also super healthy and gourmet.

When done properly this is a very nuanced dish that is like something from a fine dining restaurant. So if you can nail it then get ready to get some compliments thrown your way from gluten free friends and the normies.

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Sweet Potato Hand Pies

Again, this is another recipe that is for when you really want to splash out and impress the guests.

These delights can be handed out at parties like little canapés or popped into a picnic basket on a sunny afternoon.

Gluten free or not, your guests are sure to love these fun creations inspired by the east.

These hand pies are nutritionally balanced and full of vegetables. Feel free to customise your veg as you see fit. The gluten free pastry here will be fairly crumbly, which is often the style of these pies anyway.

These are essentially Indian samosas. And very tasty they are too.

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Gluten Free Savory Sweet Potato Pie

This is another centrepiece recipe for the foodies. It involves a few more steps and a bit more skill than the recipes at the start of the list, but at Christmas or Thanksgiving this could easily be the vegetarian focus of the meal.

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This particular recipe is pretty interesting as it is a gourmet take on the original recipe, walking the line between savoury and sweet more finely than simply being a sweet pie. After all, this complex flavour profile is the very beauty of sweet potato.

The pie can feel rather like a generic potato pie you may make with cheese etc., but this recipe is also vegan.

The outcome is something nuanced, gourmet, and made with love, all of which your guests will appreciate.

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Final Thoughts

We love these gluten free sweet potato pie recipes, many of which are paleo and vegan as well as free from gluten. These recipes help you cater to for the diets and eaters at your table with great results. 

Whether you undertake some of the easier recipes with your kids and get them eating healthily, or you want the gourmet stuff to present at a party as a host, we hope these recipes have you covered for any occasion.

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