The 15 Best Places For Desserts In Melbourne

Who doesn’t love a dessert? Whether it’s the perfect ending to a large and hearty meal or if you’re just feeling like a sweet treat to suffice your cravings, Melbourne has a selection of wonderful desserts on offer for you.

If you’re not a fan of cream-filled, luxurious, chocolate oozing greatness then read no further. However, if you have a notoriously sweet tooth and want to sample the finest desserts that Melbourne has to offer, read on until your heart’s content and your mouth is salivating.

Warning: some of these treats may not be the most health-conscious but when it comes to taste sensation, they’re most definitely a winning combination!

Top 15 Desserts In Melbourne

Piccolina Galateria: Gelato

If your weakness (and your strength) is authentic Italian gelato, then visiting the Piccolina Galateria is a must.

They boast a wide range of flavours that change regularly offering decadent options like Bread, Butter & Jam, Salted Caramel and all-time classics like Strawberry and/or Passionfruit. If you are a fan of juicy flavours on a summer afternoon, this is the place for you.

It is also the perfect source of warmth during the winter months as the flavours themselves are enough to lift your spirits and tantalise your tastebuds.

Location: Collingwood, Hawthorn, St Kilda.

Nuts About Tella: Leaning Tella of Pisa 

This dessert comprises four doughnut buns that are pressed together in a hot press to create a soft casing with an external crisp. This dessert is best described as an amalgamation of morning pancakes and a luxurious doughnut.

The drizzling, thick Nutella is also sandwiched between the buns to craft the Leaning Tella of Pisa. This is one of the most innovative desserts in Melbourne and is the perfect treat for those with an eye for sweet-toothed architecture. 

Location: Bundoora

Son In Law: Magic Chocolate Balls

These Magic Chocolate Balls with crepe cakes and intricately drizzled chocolate come in character shapes including Pikachi, Minions, Winnie the Pooh and Totoro.

Each cake is individually gifted with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos and served with a selection of three flavours (Nutella, Coconut Pandan and Thai Milk Tea).

These treats are perfect for your children and will bring them (and you) an abundance of flavoursome joy (whilst keeping the children quiet!) In short, Son In Law deserves every award that there is for this excellence.

Location: Collingwood

San Telmo: Panqueques

It’s safe to say that these Argentinian pancakes are beyond phenomenal. Crafted from dulce de leche, these crèpes will fill your heart full of joyous warmth.

There is also a ginger-spiced option that will tantalise your tastebuds as well as a variety of other flavours.

These crèpes are perfect for those who are looking for an authentic Argentinian experience in the heart of Australia and are demonstrative of the way that Melbourne is a city of cultural inclusivity and excellent delicacy. 

Location: CBD

Iki-jime Seafood By Vue: Tarte Tatin

This Tarte Tatin is a life-changing dish. It takes the form of a traditional Tarte Tatin except it is extra crispy on the outside and the mouth watering spiced apples on the inside make for the finest end to a phenomenal meal.

Perfect for lovers of a traditional apple crumble who are feeling like being more experimental with their palette. 

Location: CBD

Lune Croissanterie: Croissants

Top 15 Desserts In Melbourne

Lune is a local favourite for a reason with customers queuing for hours just to sample it’s finest delicacies. The incredible flaky croissants, danishes, pastries and the infamous cruffin contain all the flavours that you could possibly desire.

These range from salted caramel, chocolate mousse, lime and much more. The fact that people will queue for hours just to get a pastry from this Croissanterie should speak for itself and if in doubt, you should always trust the opinions of local residents.

Grab a hot drink before you line up to become a certified Melbournian.

Location: Fitzroy, CBD.

Supernormal Canteen: Rhubarb & Duck Egg Custard Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a Japanese dish that takes the form of a fish-shaped cake embellished with yummy treats. You can have this dish served with savoury items but the custard and chocolate on offer here is highly recommended.

The Supernormal genius’ have created a rhubarb & duck egg custard accompaniment that is beyond phenomenal.

Location: St Kilda

T Cavallaro And Sons: Cannoli

The crunch excellence of this cannoli will be sure to lift your spirits and undoubtedly, you will want more.

This company also catered for the Melbourne Olympics and so you can rest assured that they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to crafting the best desserts that Melbourne has to offer. You will not find a crunchier cannoli than this! 

Location: Footscray

Entrecôte: Lemon Tart 

If you’re feeling like a classic dessert, you’ll definitely need to head for Entrecôte and sample their finest Lemon Tart. This tart is crafted with the most exquisite crust and the sweet lemon filling will give you a feeling of wholesome satisfaction.

If you want to go overboard, you should also try the profiteroles at Entrecôte. Whilst a lemon tart may seem like a dull option to some, this tart is uniquely crafted by pastry chefs with outstanding reputations. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Location: South Yarra

Dinner By Heston: Tipsy Cake

This Tipsy Cake at Dinner By Heston consists of tiny brioche bites and a spit-roasted, caramelised pineapple. There is no room for error and this dish is undoubtedly demonstrative of this restaurant’s reputable excellence.

This restaurant’s reputation is strong for a reason and the desserts on offer match up to the level of food that they produce.

Location: Southbank

Nonna’s Cucina: Spaghetti Gelato

If you have never tried Spaghetti Gelato then quite frankly, you haven’t lived. This Gelato is uniquely and beautifully crafted and makes the perfect dessert option after a hearty, Italian meal with family or friends.

To further excite you about the prospect of savouring this Spaghetti Gelato, you should most definitely watch YouTube videos that outline the process of making this special treat.

Once you have seen the intricate process involved, I’m sure that you will appreciate it twenty times more.

Location: Port Melbourne

LuxBite: Meringue Monster

LuxBite is the place to know for desserts in Melbourne. They boast a wide range of cakes and treats, with macarons in every flavour. They also have jelly macarons to make your children especially happy.

However, the best dessert on offer at LuxBite is undoubtedly the Meringue Monster. This is because it is carefully crafted with pistachio, green tea sponge, strawberry mousse and watermelon yoghurt and then covered in luxurious meringue and raspberry.

Location: South Yarra, CBD.

Mamma’s Boy: Fall-Proof Tiramisu

Some may say that it’s very difficult to mess up a Tiramisu, but they would be wrong. It’s actually incredibly difficult to get it to taste as wonderfully deluxe as Mamma’s Boy have.

This dish interweaves layers of sponge with creamy greatness, served in a packed-jar, this is a dessert that will leave you feeling sufficed for days on end. 

Location: Brunswick

Gazi: Loukoumades

These halloumi doughnuts are perfect for lovers of Greek cuisine and are truly a one-of-a-kind delicacy. These tiny balls of joy are also covered in passionfruit curd and spiced cream.

Whilst some may find the halloumi angle a little bit concerning, I can assure you that this combination most definitely works! This dessert is arguably the most unique of all of the dishes that I have listed by proxy of it’s very composition.

You will be hard pressed to find something as tasty and experimental. Thus, there is nothing that can compare to the level of innovation that is contained in this dish and I’m certain that you will feel the same way!

Location: CBD

To conclude, the desserts that I have listed above are just some of the incredible sweet treats that are on offer across Melbourne. However, these specific desserts demonstrate just how innovative the city is when it comes to crafting new and powerfully delicious treats.

These desserts also incorporate a wide range of cultures and cuisines and thus, you will be able to select the right option to satisfy your desires.

Whether you are looking for a light, refreshing tart after a heavy meal or you want to absorb yourself in a mass of doughnut, you will find your prize in Melbourne.

These companies and/or eateries all have incredible reputations for a reason and local Melbournian’s will also be more than willing to recommend dessert options that you should try.

Whilst some of these restaurants are chain-brands, some are also entirely independent and so you know that all of their ingredients will be locally sourced and prepared from scratch.

Australia is one of the most friendly and vibrant cities in the world and these desserts are therefore reflective of the warmth that is on offer in Melbourne.

Therefore, you can be assured that those who work in these establishments are happy to be bringing you joy in the shape of decadent, yummy fun.  

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