The 15 Best Bakeries In Brisbane

Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia, has been growing its reputation as a baking hot spot for some years now. Today, it has specialists in cakes, canelés, croissants, and cannoli, and a wildly thriving sourdough scene. Check out a greedy baker’s dozen with us.

The 15 Best Bakeries In Brisbane

Brewbakers Sourdough Bakery

2/337 Sandgate Rd, Albion, Brisbane 4010

Sure, Brewbakers lists itself as a sourdough bakery, and sure enough, taste the bread and you’ll want to live there forever, because the smell alone is enough to make a wise man weep.

French, Spanish, Spelt, name a sourdough loaf style and they probably have it, made fresh every morning from organic, locally sourced flour. Oh, and by the way, all their sourdoughs are vegan, so come one, come all!

But Brewbakers is about so much more than bread. As an artisanal bakery doing things the traditional way, the sweets and pastries will take you to Paris without leaving Brisbane.

Make sure to buy some pastries (Oh man, the caramel slice…) just to entice your whole party – eventually – out the door.

King Street Bakery

20 King Street, Bowen Hills, Queensland, 4006

Born out of the closure of the Montrachet restaurant in 2017, the King Street Bakery boasts a gang of internationally trained bakers producing breads, pastries, viennoiserie and more, while also serving the more pedestrian needs of its clientele with pies, sandwiches, pasties and sausage rolls.

It’s a bakery that’s not above feeding your need for buttery, flaky, salty joy (try the smoked ham and gruyere croissant, it’s like a delicate hand grenade of flavors, but if you want your millennial fix, it’ll happily sell you some kickass avo toast too.

It’s a “go for breakfast, stay till they throw you out” kind of place, and while you can eat perfectly healthily there, it’s almost an insult to the French technique, the butter and the sugar that runs through its veins to do so.

Bella & Tortie

8 Days Road, Grange

Ever eaten a canelé?

Ever lived? If you’ve never done the one, the chances are you haven’t done the other, and you really, really need to.

And if you really, really need to while you’re in Brisbane, you probably need to get your butt to Bella & Tortie, because canelés are a rarity, and Bella & Toritie has made them a speciality.

If you don’t know, they’re a kind of long-baked custard with a crispy caramelized outer shell. Trust us, you need some canelés in your life.

Bella & Tortie does other things too, of course – it’s a cutting-edge contemporary bakery, supplying cakes, tarts, savory pies and sausage rolls.

But if you leave without taking at least half a dozen canelés home with you, it’s like going to Sydney and not seeing the Opera House.

Mr T’s Bakery

33 Carberry St, Grange QLD 4051

Best known for its corporate catering, but also renowned for perfection in cupcakes, Mr T’s Bakery will help you scratch that cupcake itch while you’re in town.

Yes, they do all the savory goodness, too – pies, sausage rolls, etc – but really, the must-have at Mr T’s is something from the army of cupcakes on their menu.

Grab a handful of cash, fling your inhibitions to the wind, and indulge in the chocolate lover cupcake box. No, it’s not subtle – it’s chocolate, dammit! – but it’s one of those decadent pleasures that make it worth staying alive for.

Crust & Co Artisan Baking

140 Edmondstone Street, 4051 Newmarket

With a brioche that’s second to none and a high-powered croissant game, Crust & Co is worth seeking out.

You… may just possibly miss it the first five or six times, as it’s discreet to the point of perversity, but when you find it, you have a European fusion of baking joy to look forward to, as the bakers at Crust & Co practice both French and Italian artisan baking.

Flour & Chocolate

78 Old Toombul Rd, Northgate, 4013

From some of the most perfect choux you’ll find in Brisbane (try the eclairs or die miserable!) to elegant fruit tarts, to some more traditional English butter cake, you’re going to want to drop in at Flour & Chocolate.

Drop in hungry, and drop in with some space in the trunk, because this is a bakery where you really think you’re done… annnd then discover you can’t be done quite yet. If you try to sample everything while you’re there, you’ll burst, and that will be less than pretty.

Try what you can, take a lot of baked goods home, eat mostly sweets for the next couple of days. That right there is the Flour & Chocolate Factor.


The 15 Best Bakeries In Brisbane

215 Montague Road, 4101 Brisbane, QLD

Ever been to a custom croissanterie? Ever been to one in Brisbane? Look no further.

Superthing is the home of all things French and laminated, and can give you everything from the perfect almond croissant (more or less the size of a human foot, and with much better nibbling) to (get this!) an eggs benny croissant that defies belief, especially if you have room for the fusion explosion that is a tiramisu croissant to follow.

If you live for the buttery, flaky wonder that is the never-humble croissant, you’re going to need to check in at Superthing.

Superthing also caters to the less French breakfast trade, so if you want a morning granola or a simple avo toast, you can do that. But – and we mention this simply by way of merciless temptation – if you want to get your avo on, you can get an avo croissant here too.

Again, if your life’s not complete without the impossible, decadent pleasure of croissants, get your Superthing on.


19 Barker St New Farm 4005

If you want your French patisserie with a little of the elegance that makes it stand apart from the rest of the world, track down Chouquette.

It’s a little tucked away, like all the best patisseries in Paris, but the range is superb, and if you want the perfect Paris Brest or an immaculate Millefeuille, it’s the place to go.

Gerbino’s Italian Bakery

166 Ashgrove Ave, Ashgrove

Sure, we’ve had French this, French that, even a croissanterie to bring the pleasures of French patisserie and breakfast joy to you at several points around Brisbane. What if your vibe’s less French and more Italian?

Then you’re going to form an orderly line outside Gerbino’s Italian Bakery.

It bills itself as Brisbane’s only Italian bakery. There may be start-ups that disprove that, but there’s no disproving the quality of Gerbino’s offering.

Where else are you going to get an authentic Sicilian deep base pan pizza, sold whole? Where are you going to get richly flavored arancini? Where are you going to get exquisite semifreddos across a whole range of flavor profiles?

Where else for Italian biscotti and the dark, rich coffee to go with them?

And where else in Brisbane are you going to get cannoli in three sizes, from the mini to the full-size Godfather authentic crispy shells of pastry crème and pleasure?

Mm-hmm. Exactly. If you need your fix of genuine Italian baking, you know the movie got it right – leave the croissant, take the cannoli from Gerbino’s.

Village Bakes

Merthyr Village Shopping Centre, 85 Merthyr Road, 4005 New Farm

Say what? One of Brisbane’s best bakeries is in a shopping mall?

Yeah, it surprised us too. But from the range of freshly made artisanal breads to the glazed doughnuts that are sweet but never too sweet, Village Bakes had us converted fast and hard.

Family-run and baking 7 days in every week, their breads in particular have the convenience of the supermarket, but the flavor of artisan.

Banneton Bakery

25 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba

Natural deliciousness is the name of the game at Banneton Bakery.

Breads with no artificial additives or improvers, made in the most artisanal ways possible. Bagels with just the right pull and chew. All that good, happy, stomach-pleasing stuff.

If you’re looking for elegant French patisserie, you’re looking for somewhere other than Banneton bakery. You’ll get plenty of sweet treats there, though – brownies, blondies, cake bars and the like.

And they’re not above some positively ravishing Viennoiserie – we’re not sure what they do to a simple-sounding apple galette, but damned if they don’t do something to it!

While you can have all that sweet fun, though, really if you’re stopping off at Banneton, you’ve got to take some bread home. For our money, the NY Deli rye bread with caramelized onions folded through the dough is a must-have.

Miettes Boulangerie Patisserie

158 Graceville Avenue, 4075

Boulangerie Patisserie means bread and cake, and that’s – if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor – the meat and drink of Miettes.

If you want to try something that really shouldn’t work on any level, but will have you craving more, try the earthy, rich, semi-sweet beetroot chocolate cake.

Jocelyn’s Provisions

70 Eagle St, Brisbane City

Jocelyn’s Provisions is something a little different. While, absolutely, this is one of Brisbane’s best bakeries (the long bacon, Swiss, and onion tart alone is a hymn your tongue sings.

Stick around for the lemon tart and your tastebuds dance with angels), you can also get more hardcore provisions there – fancy a whole glazed ham? No problem.

They bake their own cookies too – and their take on the Australian speciality, the ANZAC biscuit, is a thing to behold.

Cake & Bake

58 Commercial Rd Newstead

If you like Jocelyn’s Provisions – and you did, didn’t you? – you should love Cake & Bake, as they share some DNA.

Jocelyn Hancock opened Cake & Bake with the intention of sourcing local ingredients and baking them into her cakes and pastries to give a really local flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. Call us hedonistic, but the chocolate sour cream cake is the actual bomb.

Danny’s Bread

113 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe, 4005

Artisanal organic sourdough bread.

We know you just conjured up the look and the smell of that in your mind. Danny’s Bread makes it day in, day out, and sells it about as fast as you imagine.

There are sweet treats too – the tarte aux fraises will make you glad to be alive, and the Swiss roll has a surprising elegance to it. But really, if you go to Danny’s Bread and you don’t take some sourdough home, do you even carb, Bro?

Dylan Cole