The 15 Best Places For Teppanyaki In Melbourne

If you’re a lover of impressive Japanese cuisine, why not try one of the many teppanyaki restaurants Melbourne has to offer?

These provide guests with an entertaining dining experience and top-quality food – perfect for when you fancy something a little different than your average dinner out. 

The 15 Best Places For Teppanyaki In Melbourne

What Is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki refers to a modern style of Japanese cooking where the food is grilled right in front of you, adding an element of theatricality to your meal.

Chefs use an open hot plate – a teppan – to cook the ingredients at the side of your table and rustle up your favorite dishes, often with a dramatic flair.

For this reason, it is often regarded as a form of art as well as cuisine. Popular teppanyaki food items include shrimp and lobster, beef steak and chicken, alongside various vegetables.

Read on to discover the best places to get your teppanyaki fix in Melbourne… 

Ishiya Stone Grill

Ishiya Stone Grill is a Japanese steakhouse fusion that offers a colorful menu of dishes, made from locally-sourced seafood and prime beef cuts. Once they have been cooked on a volcanic stone heated to 400 degrees, you can enjoy them with a variety of Japanese dipping sauces.

The low-level lighting creates a serene but versatile ambience – ideal for dates, business meetings and friendly dinners alike.

Customers particularly enjoy the succulent wagyu steak and tasty cocktails – you may also get the opportunity to have a go at cooking your own food, just the way you like it.

Matsumoto Japanese Restaurant

Serving up all aspects of Japanese cuisine, including a varied seafood teppanyaki, Matsumoto is a great place to find catering for a range of tastes.

While some other restaurants specialize in teppanyaki, this option is no less impressive or authentic – the restaurant has appeared on the front of The Herald Sun’s Taste Magazine, so you know everything there is the real deal.

The seafood teppanyaki here contains fish, scallop, prawns, mussels and squid, all prepared to your liking. Alternatively, you can try the garlic prawn teppanyaki, featuring juicy prawns cooked in garlic butter.

Koko At Crown  

Located in the Crown Entertainment Complex on the South Bank, Koko serves authentic teppanyaki dishes as they would be cooked in Japan.

There is also a mouth-watering selection of sake, sourced from both Australia and Japan, which will wash down your scrumptious food nicely.

A stunning Japanese water garden forms the elegant centerpiece around which guests are seated, creating a tranquil atmosphere where you can forget all your worries for the evening. The function rooms can seat private parties of up to 12 people, to make your special occasion unforgettable. 

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

Specializing in yakiniki, or grilled meat, Takumi Japanese Restaurant is the place to go to satisfy your BBQ cravings.

It serves the finest Australian wagyu beef in its signature dishes, as well an array of other meat and fish – salmon, scallops and pork belly are all on the varied menu. 

For the most ardent appetites, Takumi offers an all you can eat deal, so you can gorge on the tasty food and drinks to your heart’s content; wash down your meal with a selection of sake, shochu and national wines.


Shoya offers dishes across the whole spectrum of Japanese cuisine – Guests can sit at the specially-designed teppanyaki table to be entertained by the master chefs preparing meals before their eyes.

Local produce is the focus here, blending contemporary western foods with expert knowledge of traditional Japanese techniques.

The set menus are a regular favorite at Shoya, showcasing some of the best dishes that complement each other perfectly. There is also a generous vegetarian and gluten free menu, ensuring those with specific dietary requirements can also enjoy a tasty dinner.

Japanese Teppanyaki Inn

It’s clear from the name exactly what this restaurant is all about: Japanese Teppanyaki, served in an authentic Japanese style.

The chefs don’t need to add any extra flounces and tricks to impress customers, as their understated methods effectively display their skill and precision. 

Enjoy a cosy drink in the lounge area before taking your seat at the table for the main event. Tantalising set menus include the usual chicken, beef and seafood options, as well as a special Moreton Bay Bugs dinner, featuring this interesting species of richly-flavored Australian lobster. 


The 15 Best Places For Teppanyaki In Melbourne

Situated in the suburb of Doncaster East, Ichiban Teppanyaki restaurant caters for all dinner occasions in an intimate setting.

Let the chefs dazzle you with their culinary skills, then it’s your turn to impress as you catch your food in both mouth and hand! This really is the interactive dining experience you’ve been waiting for.

While the location is slightly out of the way of central Melbourne, people flock to Ichiban from all over the city due to its reputation as one of the best Japanese restaurants around.

Bookings are available for dinner Tuesday-Sunday, as well as Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.

Yokohama Teppanyaki Restaurant

Staff at Yokohama Teppanyaki Restaurant really go the extra mile to entertain guests – as well as all the fancy cooking tricks you would expect, chefs and waiters here often add in stories from their own lives to serve your food with a personal touch. 

The set menus are fantastically varied, each focusing on different foods to suit your individual tastes. Alternatively, you can choose from the à la carte menu, and don’t forget to try the green tea ice cream for dessert.

Miyako Japanese Cuisine And Teppanyaki

Miyako has a dedicated teppanyaki room that seats 45 people, so you can either book a single table or hire out the whole room for a private function.

With other seating areas including an open balcony and a traditional Tatami Room, this has become one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.

Enjoy your meal as you take in breathtaking views of the Yarra river and Melbourne skyline – an ideal backdrop for any occasion.

Burwood Teppanyaki House

One thing guests particularly like about Burwood Teppanyaki House is the attentive service – chefs and waiters patiently explain anything you’re not sure about, making this an excellent venue for Japanese connoisseurs and novices alike. 

This restaurant is particularly suited for birthday parties, as its private rooms can seat up to 40 people and staff will make sure your special day is unforgettable.

Matsuzaka Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant offers 20 teppanyaki seats in its expansive ground floor space, providing ample opportunity to enjoy an evening of culinary entertainment. Reviews often mention the great prices, showing that you really get good value for money here.

The decor is casual, allowing you to dine in a relaxed environment that isn’t too loud and guarantees a good time for all. Staff go to great lengths to incorporate everyone in the meal, which is always appreciated by patrons.

Fuji Teppanyaki  

Fuji Teppanyaki is a modest, high-quality establishment in Moonee Ponds, tucked away from the main road.

The restaurant offers a teppanyaki lunch special that represents an excellent deal at set times of the day, as well as all your favorite teppanyaki options cooked to perfection.

Telephone booking is essential for getting a table here, so make sure you plan ahead of your visit. Large groups and children are welcome – the more the merrier to maintain the lively atmosphere. 

Ginza Teppanyaki

This is a great place to come with your children, as they will be entranced by the chefs’ performances and fun vibe that they create.

Set in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown, Ginza is notable for using cast iron grills for preparing dishes, as they can actually increase the iron intake in your body and boost your energy levels.

Particular teppanyaki highlights include melt-in-the-mouth beef steak and irresistible lamb cutlets, but the miso soup served as an entree is also beloved by guests.

Tokyo Teppanyaki

Tokyo Teppanyaki prides itself on offering a full evening’s entertainment, not just your average dining experience.

They can also bring the party to you with catering packages tailored to your individual needs – suitable for turning any location into your own private restaurant for the night!

Regular promotions include Kobe Night on Tuesdays, where you can enjoy their signature Kobe Banquet with a free bottle of premium Australian wine – valued at $80 a bottle, this deal is not to be missed. 

Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino

Another teppanyaki place based in the Crown Casino Complex, Nobu is a renowned Japanese restaurant chain with locations all over the world.

It is open every day from 12-10pm and serves first-class food to a global clientele, so this is the perfect place to get dressed up for the evening.

Treat yourself to luxurious wagyu sushi or soft shell crab tempura, washed down with some traditional warm sake. If you’re feeling fruity, opt for one of the seasonal cocktails or mocktails on the extensive drinks menu. 

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