Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry

The bagel revolution marches on with Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry in Armadale. Here you’ll find bagels from Savion and fillings made in-house. Whether you favour a classic like Salmon & Cream Cheese or something more unusual such as Lamb & Rosemary Meatloaf, Hank’s has you covered.

Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry

Location: 13 Beatty Ave, Armadale, VIC 3143 Ph: (03) 9125 1606

Looking at how the bagel has rolled across Melbourne in an all-conquering campaign, it was only a matter of time before the gentrified folk of Armadale got their own dealer.

Now, conveniently located across the road from Toorak Railway Station, Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry is treating commuters and more to the delights of this most-American of baked goods. With an Aussie flourish, of course.

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Hank's Cafe & Bagelry - Exterior

This shop is the latest venture from local foodie royalty. It’s another arrow in the quiver of Nick Beerens, who also co-owns Elsternwick’s Copycat and Mammoth cafe, literally down the road.

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The Space

Set in a character-rich parade of shops and businesses running along the railway track, Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry looks sharp with its blue and white livery.

If the weather allows and you wish to eat outside, there are a smattering of simple stools and tables on the pavement out front.

Saunter inside and you’ll find a dinky but sparkling clean, white-walled cafe. On one side, black lettering adheres directly to the brickwork, detailing the food and drink options at Hank’s Bagelry. Behind the neatly regimented serving counter, racks of bagels wait to be filled. A small display cabinet carries an appealing array of cookies and cakes.

Hank's Cafe & Bagelry - Interior

If you wish to dine in, you can grab a chair or perch on a stool and pop your sandwich on the royal blue ledge that runs along the lefthand wall.

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The Food

Understandably, the big attraction at Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry is bagels. So what of these fabled circular rolls?

Well, at Hanks Armadale, they use the fragrant bakes of Savion over in Balclava. And as any true bagel lover would hope, they have an addictive crunch to their exterior, but are giving and a little chewy on the inside.

As mentioned above, the menu strikes a happy balance between US-inspired favourites and more Aussie-influenced creations.

Continuing Eatability’s quest to find the best Salmon Bagel in Melbourne, we open our order with Hank’s No. 1 ($17). This beauty is fat with Hank’s Beetroot & Gin Cured Salmon, Herb-flecked Cream Cheese, Red Onion and Rocket. It’s a generous, flavoursome sanga and with its vermillion-hued fish and verdant stripe of greenery, its both fresh and very pretty.

Hank's Cafe & Bagelry - Salmon

Next on the food list is an intriguing option. Clearly a more Aussie-leaning bagel, this one comes with Lamb & Rosemary Meatloaf, Provolone & Cream Cheese, with a lift from a smear of Pistachio Pesto ($16). We’re almost swayed enough to try it, but tradition ultimately wins out.

Whilst the team at Hank’s don’t directly call it a Reubens, the heritage of our second bagel is clear. Stacked with the Pastrami, Cream Cheese, Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing, Pickles & Swiss Cheese, it makes my NY-style-deli-loving heart sing. Pleasingly, the Pastrami is particularly good. It’s fresh and juicy – not the rather sad, dry cold-cut that sometimes find it’s way into a sandwich. What’s more, the sauerkraut has a great vinegary bite.

Hank's Cafe & Bagelry - Pastrami and Logo Box

If you’re more of a plant-based eater than a fish or meat diner, don’t worry. Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry has a couple is substantial sandwiches for you too.

There’s a fresh, crisp-sounding concoction of Cucumber, Iceberg Lettuce, Wild Rocket and Cream Cheese dressed with Green Goddess Aioli ($14). However, as good as that sounds, were we eating veggie, we’d go for the Harissa Roasted Pumpkin, Almond Fetta, Hummus & Wild Rocket ($14). We see it leaving the kitchen and it looks really tempting. Maybe next time.

Lastly, I have to talk about the Sides. Or at least one Side especially.

At Hank’s Armadale, they can do you a portion of Cheesy Crinkle Cut Hot Chips ($6). Seriously, I’d drive across Melbourne just for those.

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The Drinks

Straight off, I have to applaud Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry for doing Filter Coffee at a bargain $2 with any bagel order.

Apart from that, there is a small range of hot drinks and a 3 shakes, all at $10 each. If we had been in the mood, we would have had the Biscoff Shake – just because.


Hank’s Cafe & Bagelry has something for everyone.

Whether you like your bagels to conform to US flavour pairings, or something more Aussie-centric, they have a sandwich for you.

Throw in a cup fo coffee and you’ve got a strong reason to visit Toorak Station. Just don’t forget those cheesy hot chips.


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