Linger Cafe

Friendly service, great coffee and some welcome surprises on the brunch menu, all set in an attractive old church building. But the real stars are the patisserie-style cakes prepared in-house.

Linger Cafe

Location: 101 Bowen St, Camberwell, VIC 3124 Ph: 0427 800 018

Tucked in next to the Camberwell South Anglican Church which corners Toorak Road and Bowen Street, Linger Patisserie Cafe is a popular local eatery. Nip in for a coffee, and you’ll quickly understand why.

Doubling as a cafe and a front for a busy patisserie business, it’s a lovely spot to meet friends for brunch or just pop in for a cuppa and a nibble of something sweet. Even better, with tables set appealing on the deck outside and a liquor licence, it’s also perfect for a Mimosa cocktail on a sunny afternoon.

One thing is for sure. Whatever you decide to eat or drink, the service will be warm and welcoming.

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The Space

One of the major attractions of Linger Cafe is undoubtedly its aspect. Set on a leafy side street off of Toorak Road in Camberwell, the cafe occupies an old church building.

Linger Cafe - Interior

With more than a hundred years of history within the walls of the eatery, it has a calm atmosphere and relaxed vibe. The high-vaulted ceiling with its exposed beams and colourful windows make the space light and open.

If you prefer to sit outside, the decked area offers shade and a view of tree-lined Bowen Street.

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The Food

Smartly, the team at Linger Cafe have abandoned the traditional Breakfast and Lunch menus and gone straight for a user (and kitchen) friendly Brunch menu.

Even better, whilst there are familiar favourites amongst the dishes on offer, even these have a little point of difference to them.

So that most Aussie of brekkies – Smashed Avo ($16.5) – is there. However, it comes with Feta, Beetroot Hummus, Herb & Crispy Seaweed Chips & Cherry Tomatoes. All on Multigrain Toast. There’s also the chance to personalise your plate by adding Poached Egg ($3), Bacon/Mushrooms ($5) or Smoked Salmon ($6).

Linger Cafe - Chilli Scrambled

Similarly, the Chilli Scrambled ($20.5) centres around – not surprisingly – scrambled eggs. But at Linger Cafe they come with either Bacon or Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese, Crispy Shallots and a good smack of House Made Chilli Paste. It’s a deeply satisfying take on what can be a bit of a dull dish at times.

Of course, as we’re looking at a Brunch list, not everything is obvious Breakfast fare.

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If you feel like something punching above it’s weight flavour-wise, but light in the stomach, the Viet Salad ($22) is a winner. Vermicelli Noodles tossed with Cabbage, Carrot, Bean Shoots, Fresh Herbs, Shallots, Peanuts and Asian Dressing. On top of this, you can up your protein intake with either Lemongrass Chicken or Calamari.

Linger Cafe - Chicken Burger

Need something more substantial than a noodle salad?

Linger Patisserie Cafe goes a great spin on the run-of-the-mill chicken burger with their Korean-inspired Gangnam Style Burger ($19). This beauty features a succulent hunk of Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Kimchi, Spicy Mayo and American Cheese on a Milk Bun. The spiked mayo and chilli flecked kimchi have just enough heat to give the burger zip and not burn. It’s a great take on a classic.

The Drinks

I’m pleased to say that the people at Linger Cafe know how to make a decent coffee. Hurray!

Tea lovers as also well-catered to with a good selection of brews, including the fragrant Oriental Twist.

Apart from hot beverages, there’s a good array of Smoothies – from healthy Green, to slightly naughty Tropical – and milkshakes, as well as Soft Drinks and Iced Coffee and Chocolate.

Interestingly, the cafe has a Linger Signature range of drinks. These include offerings such as Turmeric or Beetroot Latte and less common cuppa like Taro Latte and Prana Chai.

And as I said that the start of this review, on a warm afternoon you can even get a chilled glass of wine, if you so wish.

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The Cakes

Finally, we absolutely have to talk about the patisserie part of the Linger Patisserie Cafe.

At the service counter there is a cakes cabinet filled with delicate sweet treats.

Linger Cafe - Cakes

Picture perfect oranges glistening invitingly under the lights and cute little snow white rabbits peer up at you.

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The bakers at Linger cafe specialise in Asian-style mousse cakes and they always have a tempting array on display.

They even do a version of the Strawberry Watermelon Cake made Insta-famous by Sydney’s lauded Black Star Pastry.

Whilst the confectionary in the cafe itself is generally the perfect portion size to enjoy with a cup of tea, the kitchen actually bakes full-sized cakes on request. Check out their website if you wish to learn more about ordering cakes to pick up at the cafe.


Linger Cafe is a more than just a friendly local cafe – though it is definitely that as well.

With an interesting Asian-leaning all day menu and expansive drinks list, it is a busy and much-appreciated piece of the Camberwell South Community.

More than this, it’s a great little patisserie where you will always find a gorgeous cake or 2 to take home to the family. Or to eat yourself out on the deck!

Linger Cafe - Cherries


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