Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

With it’s ice cream sundae colour-scheme and beach shack vibe, Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. takes classic burger combos – freshly prepared – and serves with a sunny side order of laid-back Noosa cool.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

Locations: Numerous outlets across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. See Website for Locations.

It is just me, or are burger joints on the rise again?

Clearly, a classic like the burger never really goes away. That said, it seems like dedicated restaurants selling this most iconic of American diner staples are popping up everywhere.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. - Mural

Of course, many of the new kids on the block are US imports. 5 Guys are currently taking tentative steps into the Aussie market and In-N-Out Burger have trialled pop-ups. However, there is also a healthy rash of home-grown burger chains finding a solid fan-base across our States and Territories. One of these is intriguingly named Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

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What began as $1 “Betty’s Burgers” sold by Betty Wallace from a humble sandwich shop on Noosa’s Hastings Street, has now morphed into a Aussie fast-food success story.

With its pastel candy-striped livery and hanging plants, Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. is cooking up great burgers and spreading its relaxed Sunshine Coast ambience from Sydney to Perth.

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The Space

Beachy keen.

Whichever outpost of Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co. you visit, you’ll find pastel-hued wooden shingles in candy floss shades of blue and pink. There’s also a plenty of pot plants. In fact, our local Betty’s has a virtual forest hanging from its ceiling in macrame attached white tubs.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. - Pick up

Both the ordering counter and the pick up zone have a beach kiosk feel. The use of pale wood is clever – it gives an impression of sun-bleached shacks on the sand. When combined with the cotton candy palette, the ambience is more nostalgic family holidays by the surf than food court or shopping strip.

The Betty’s in Chadstone Shopping Centre also has stylised waves and cool retro teens murals on its walls. Furthermore, a recent revamp of the space behind the restaurant has resulted in the burger joint’s dining area spilling outside. It’s a pleasant spot to grab a quick lunch on a summer’s day.

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The Food


Betty’s rustle up a pretty comprehensive range of burgers. Best of all, they are made fresh when you order at the counter.

The entry point is Betty’s Classic ($11.90) – a juicy Angus Beef Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheese & Betty’s Special Sauce in a soft Bun. It’s rustic and delicious with a hint of the milk bar burgers of childhood.

From there, you can double up on patties or add bacon.

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Alternatively, you can go poultry, with a number of chicken burgers on offer. The Crispy Chicken ($12.90) is – pleasingly – exactly as described. The chicken a substantial, moist slab of tasty Southern Fried chook in a genuinely crunchy coating. The Spicy Chicken ($15.60) takes the Crispy Chicken basics – Fried Chicken, Lettuce & Tomato – and adds Bacon, Cheese, Pickles and a smear of Sriracha Mayo.

Not a meat eater? No problem. The Betty’s Classic Plant ($11.90) features an Aussie Love Buds Plant-Based Patty, along with Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Cheese & that Special Sauce. Don’t fancy that? Then how about a Shroom Burger ($14.90)? It’s all the good stuff served with Crispy Fried Mushrooms and Melted Gouda & Gruyere Cheese.

Of course, as everything is made fresh, so if you’re vegan, you can have either of the burgers above made for you without the cheese.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. - 2 Burgers in a Box

Having said that, there’s also Betty’s Classic Vegan burger ($14.90). This contains a Crispy Fried Brown Rice and Veggie Patty with Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and Spicy Mayo.

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And if you’re gluten-free, you too are catered for. The amusingly named Bare Betty ($11.90) is the same as Betty’s Classic, only minus the bun. Similarly, the Bare Grilled Chicken ($12.90) has Grilled Chicken, Tomato & Betty’s Special Sauce all wrapped in Lettuce.

In addition to all the above, Betty’s does a Fish Burger ($15.00), a Fish & Chip Burger ($16.00) and something a little different with their Noosa Classic Surf ($17.90). This last burger takes the Classic Betty’s and adds Lightly Battered Prawns.

Finally, everything is customisable with a full list of Extras as part of the menu.

Looking for Sides? Well, you can choose between French Fries ($5.50) or Onion Rings ($7.00). Still hungry? Then throw in Betty’s Garden Salad and season it all with one of their Sauces.


Ah yes. And so to the ‘Concrete’ part of Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

Despite the construction connotations, Concrete is actually the burger chain’s name for its ice cream. Why concrete? Because it’s based on a frozen custard.

If you have an Ice Cream Maker you can make whatever flavour ice cream (or sorbet) you want, whenever you want! For more information and prices, see here.

Amongst our favourites are the fragrant Cookie Butter ($6) and the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake ($6) with its zesty Lemon Curd.

Flavours change regularly and when we were writing this, our nearest Betty’s franchise had popped a Chocolate Raspberry Lamington concoction to its Take Home Tubs ($12). Now that’s worth coming back for!

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Lastly, Betty’s does an array of soft drinks, as well as Thick Shakes – which are whipped up using their concrete as a base.

And if you feel like a Beer or wee glass of Shiraz with your meal, they have a small selection of alcoholic beverages available too.


Betty’s Burger & Concrete Co. doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with it’s burgers and ice creams. Instead, it serves fresh, flavoursome food prepared from quality produce.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. - Exterior

What sets it apart from all the other burger restaurants vying for your dollar is the decor and vibe. After all, there’s something distinctly Aussie about a surf & sand colour-scheme. And this is what that gives Betty’s a unique appeal.


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