#1000 Bread

From striking Cube Croissants to Mochi Bagels, #1000 Bread isn’t your regular bakery. Here, the team channel the best of both Asian and European flavours and baking techniques to create something new and exciting.

#1000 Bread

Location: RMIT University, 315 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Melbourne bakeries are hot right now.

From the many-layered, burnished pastries at Lune Croissanterie, to the pastry-encased perfection of Tarts Anon and the chewy, ring-shaped allure of Mile End Bagels. It seems as if every week a new artisanal baker pops up somewhere with their spin on a madeleine, a doughnut or a stacked gourmet sandwich.

But cube croissants? Now that’s a new one on us.

#1000 Bread - Cube Croissant swirls

The Space

Small but cute a button, #1000 Bread is a neat little shop whose pale peach colour scheme is reminiscent of freshly risen dough. Cabinets of baked delights line the walls and the aromas wafting out of the door onto Swanston Street are quite irresistible.

It’s a stark contrast to the industrial chic interior design choices of so many other fashionable bakeries. Eatability has become so used to deliberating over half a dozen pastries, lined up directly on a concrete counter, that the bright warmth of #1000 Bread feels quite radical.

#1000 Bread Cabinets

In addition, #1000 Bread operates a self-serve system – familiar to anyone who has lived in cities such as Hong Kong. Customers simply grab a set of tongs and a tray and help themselves to whatever takes their eye. They then head to the service counter and pay for their choices.

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The Food

A smart fusion of Asian flavourings and European baking skills results in some interesting – and delicious – baked treats.

Blocks of geometrically precise Japanese Shokopan sit next to bite-sized, open, frankfurter sausage rolls. Trays of everyone’s favourite yum cha dessert – the Portuguese Custard Tart – sit next to plump Mochi Bagels. Crack open a shiny, lacquered Pretzel and you might find a filling of Black Sesame Paste inside. All the Breads and Viennoiserie look picture-perfect and a pleasing number conceal a tasty Asian-inspired twist.

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#1000 Bread - Strawberry Croissant Cut

The real drawcard, though, is the TikTok famous Cube Croissants. Clean-edged boxes of laminated croissant dough, which conceal a smooth custard within their swirled core.

Currently, the flavours available are Strawberry, Matcha and Biscoff.

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We decide on the Biscoff and cut it open to access its satin-textured heart.

How you devour this decadent pleasure is up to you. Us? We take great delight in tearing off pieces of the bready exterior and scooping smears of the rich, creamy centre out of the middle. The balance between the lush, sweet interior and plain, airy pastry makes this an incredibly more-ish take on a croissant. It’s clever, fun and we’re definitely keen to try the other versions.

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#1000 Bread - Cube Croissant cross section


#1000 Bread is playing with bready classics coming up with something new and delicious.

It takes real baking skill to produce pastries, cakes and rolls as beautiful as the one packing the display cases in this smart wee shop.

And in a town where bakeries are all the rage, is it possible to have too many croissants, doughnuts, tarts and loaves to bread to choose from? Not as far as we’re concerned!


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