Tokyo Lamington

Tokyo Lamington takes the Aussie classic and refines it into a show-stopping dessert. Purists will love the OG, whilst those looking for a new twist can enjoy flavours such as a Fairy Bread Popcorn Lamington and a Pine Lime Lamington.

Tokyo Lamington

Location: 258 Elgin St, Carlton, VIC 3053 Ph: 0402 392 258 & 277 Australia St, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: 0404 662 397

Thank goodness that the inter-state rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne doesn’t prevent the exchange of culinary wizardry.

As residents of the ‘Harbour city eagerly await the opening of their first Lune Croissanterie, Melburnians are already enjoying the airy, cuboid delights of Sydney’s own Tokyo Lamington.

Tokyo Lamington - Yuzu Quartered w/ Fork

The niche bakery is the baby of Min Chai and Eddie Stewart. Both know their way around a dessert trolley. Min Chai was the drive behind N2 Extreme Gelato, whilst Stewart perfected his sponge skills at the much-lauded Black Star Pastry.

Originally, the pair hoped to open a lamington-centric shop in Tokyo, but lockdowns drove them home. Fortunately for us, Japan’s loss became Australia’s gain with Tokyo Lamington quickly setting the cake-loving world alight from a wee shop in Newtown, NSW.

These days, the team have a sister premises in Carlton, VIC and a rash of pop-ups. As I write, the Tea Room at the NGV is offering a rotating trio of confections from ace kitchen. Perfect, after an afternoon of absorbing the stunning pieces on display as part of the Triennial.

And if you think that there’s not much to a ‘lammy’, think again. The contestants trying to recreate the intricacy of the Tokyo Lamington Tower on MasterChef Australia Season 15 Ep.12 would argue otherwise:

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The Food

Not Surprisingly, the ovens at Tokyo Lamington fresh bake their wares daily. What’s more, so that they are not soggy, many are finished (filled, coated and pimped) to order.

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The Lamingtons

You can usually expect to find 9 takes on the lamington. These vary according to the whim of the kitchen. However, as far as we know, the OG Lamington never leaves the menu. And nor should it. Featuring a Classic Sponge spliced with Vanilla Cream & Raspberry Jam, then dipped in Chocolate Sauce and tumbled in Roasted Coconut, it’s a national treasure for a reason.

Incidentally, the sponge is nothing like the usual, often rather dry, offering that you all too frequently get in commercially made bakes. Here, it is ethereally light and dissolves away leaving a hint of vanilla warmth.

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Tokyo Lamington - Yuzu Whole

If you want something new, try the Yuzu Meringue Lamington. This sees that exemplary Sponge sandwiched with a tangy Yuzu Curd and Vanilla Cream. Instead of the regular Chocolate and Coconut combo, the casing is a perfectly torched layer of Meringue. Honestly, it’s a triumph.

Another spin on traditional flavours is the Neapolitan Lamington. This beauty has both the Classic Sponge and a Chocolate Sponge, united by Strawberry Cream. Texture comes from a Chocolate Shell rolled in a rubble of Pastry Bits.

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Perhaps the Gingerbread Lamington sounds more appealing? This confection contains a Gingerbread Gluten Free Sponge filled with a decadent Gingerbread Cookies & Cream. On the outside is a layer of White Chocolate dusted with Gingerbread Crumbs. Yum!

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The Savoury

Sadly, you can’t live on cake alone. Or so I’m told….

Luckily, Tokyo Lamington has a solution. Alongside their delectable square cakes they produce a selection of Japanese-influenced pies.

The Beef Sukiyaki Pie is rich and meaty with a filling of fragrant slow-cooked Beef within a light, flaky Pastry. Meanwhile the Pork Katsu Sausage Roll is punchy with Ginger and Katsu flavours.

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Tokyo Lamington - Box

And the team also does one of the best plant-based pies that we’ve eaten in a while. The Miso Mushroom Pie has oodles of umami deliciousness in the form of Mushrooms, Tofu and Veggies spiked with Szechuan Spice.

Grab a pie and a lamington and we reckon you’ve got the ideal lunch-to-go.


The people of Tokyo have definitely missed out. But the cake-lovers of Sydney and Melbourne can rejoice.

Tokyo Lamington is baking magically light lamingtons in a range of flavours to suit the most jaded of palates. And their savoury menu is pretty mouth-watering too.

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With Easter fast approaching, Tokyo Lamington are embracing the Easter bunny and his chums with a special limited menu.

The Easter Menu entails:

Hot Cross Lamington

Lamington Hot Cross Bun

Yuzu Hot Cross Bun

Perfect for your Good Friday morning break!


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