Ah Providoor. It was such a great idea.

When we were all languishing at home in 2020, trying not to go stir-crazy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, for many, Providoor was a beacon of joy.

In it’s original format, Providoor was a fantastic initiative – for both the hospitality industry and bored, stuck at home foodies.

Providoor 2020 – The Original Concept

At its simplest, Providoor was a meal delivery platform.

The brainchild of leading Melbourne chef, Shane Delia of Maha fame, it differed from competitors such as Menulog, Door Dash and Uber Eats in that its food came from some of the country’s top kitchens. Feel like an Asian Fusion feast of Bao Buns and Noodles from Chin Chin? Hop on the Providoor website. Tired of over-familiar Indian dishes from your local High Street? Let the Providoor team bring you a banquet surprises and delights from Sunda Dining.

Chin Chin - Barra and more Pad Seuw - Providoor

What’s more, it had a two-fold purpose. Yes, it gave people the chance to enjoy meals from some of the best fine dining restaurants in town, all in the comfort of their own home. But it also provided a lifeline to the upper echelons of the food and wine industry during the lockdowns and restricted entertaining phases of Covid.

The premise was simple. You ordered online through the platform and food arrived on the designated date, ready prepped, with clear instructions on how to finish it off and get it on the table.

Sadly, this innovative service went into liquidation in April 2023.

Providoor 2023 – A New Chapter

Move on 6 months, and Providoor is back. Only with some major changes to both the players behind it and the food on offer.

This time around, Shane Delia is nowhere to be seen. And rather than delivering meals from top level restaurants, the focus is on dinners ‘curated’ by high-profile industry stalwarts such as Matt Preston, Christine Manfield and Manu Feildel. Think a perfectly balanced Assorted Dim Sum Pack by Luke Nguyen or a decadent Sticky Date with Bananas from Anna Polyviou.

Not only have the faces changed, but so has the details of the service. At present, the majority of the business is in frozen meals. For example, the Asian Dinner Bundle ($130 for 6) gives you a box of chilled goodies. These include Wagyu Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Butter Chicken, Turmeric Potato + Chickpea Curry and Jam Doughnut Pie – all ready to be popped in the oven and heated up. Each dish comes with details on ingredients, possible allergens, nutritional info and full instructions.

Chin Chin - Butter Chicken Curry & Rice - Providoor

In addition to the Providoor Frozen meals, there is a range of Providoor Hot meals. However, at present, these are only available in the Sydney Metro area. If you are lucky enough to be within metropolitan Sydney, simply jump onto the platform and order from one of 4 locations. The ‘Hot’ range covers such temptations as Justin Narayan’s Flank Steak Tacos ($16 for 3) and Gary Mehigan’s Korean Grilled Chicken + Asian Cabbage ($12).

Apparently, the team has plans to add more locations over time, so check the website for further updates.

Admittedly, it’s a shame that the original incarnation of Providoor is no longer with us. That said, it’s great that new life has been breathed into the brand by another group of enthusiastic hospo veterans.


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