Luther’s Scoops

At Luther’s Scoops, the ice cream menu varies with the seasons. But whether you’re there in time for a glut of strawberries or when the team whips up their New York Cheesecake concoction, you won’t be alone. Queues are the norm when the frozen desserts are this good.

Luther’s Scoops

Location: 528A Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC 3056

Don’t be fooled by the address.

Although Luther’s Scoops is down as being on Sydney Road, it actually fronts Blyth Street, just up and round the corner from Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant.

But have no fear. You’ll know it as soon as you find it. Firstly, because of its sunshine striped awning. Secondly, because there will very probably be a line of people snaking out of the door.

Yes. The reputation of Luther’s Scoops is such that – in the evenings especially – this tiny little ice cream parlour draws sorbet and gelato lovers from across Brunswick and beyond.

So does the product live up to the hype?

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The Space

Extremely small.

In fact, the interior of Luther’s Scoop is just big enough for a traditional freezer cabinet housing the day’s selection of ice creams, and a freezer holding pint tubs for the enamoured to take home.

The result, is that much of life centred around this cute-as-a-button ice creamery takes place on the pavement outside.

In front of the shop, tucked under that lolly-wrapper awning, emblazoned with those magical words – Ice Cream – there’s a simple wooden bench. And on that bench, you’ll find a mix of devotees. Some eating their purchases, and others waiting patiently for someone in the line to beckon them towards the brightly lit door.

On a warm evening, there can be quite a throng!

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Luther's Scoops - Exterior

The Food

So what makes Ice Cream such a hit with kids and adults alike? For make no mistake. Most of the patrons patiently lurching on the road outside Luther’s Scoop when we visit are grown-ups.

Well, one major factor is that there’s no mass-produced confectionery at this establishment. Instead, the kitchen is run by a small team of dedicated chefs who hand craft every delicious, frosty spoonful. Seriously, we reckon you can taste the care and attention that goes into every tub. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

I foolishly remark to a young woman standing in line, “It can’t be that good!” “Oh, but it is!” she replies, with the beatific smile of a true believer.

Another big plus is that the range of flavours moves with the seasons. At present, the menu includes temptations such as a fully vegan Watermelon & Strawberry Sorbet and an utterly wicked Banoffee Pie. However, in a few weeks, as tropical fruit becomes more plentiful, there may be a return of their famed Mango & Coconut Yogurt.

Whatever the kitchen decides to whip up – be it a Malted Vanilla or a luscious Dark Chocolate (also vegan) – it’ll be made from the same quality base ingredients as all of their products. Luther’s Scoops prepare their treats using Eggs from Burd and Cream and Milk from St David Dairy a stone;’s throw away in Fitzroy.

All these little details add up to ice cream that is truly worth travelling – and waiting – for.

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