The Bakers Wife

The Bakers Wife is a long-term favourite with the Camberwell brunch-set and it’s easy to see why. This large, but cosy, cafe serves consistently good food and coffee, with efficiency and a welcoming smile.

The Bakers Wife

Location: 414-418 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VIC 3124 Ph: 0410 850 414

Is it really nearly a decade since The Bakers Wife first opened in Camberwell? Whilst I can’t swear to the exact date, I know that many a moon has waxed and waned since the scent of freshly baked goods first pulled me through the doors.

The Bakers Wife Cafe - Acai, Coffee & Table

And those enticing smells continue to lure other hungry wanderers into this huge, bustling cafe kitchen and bakery.

Whether you pop in for some Sourdough or a Danish Pastry, or commit to one of the fabulous breakfast dishes, you’ll be glad you succumbed to temptation.

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The Space

Firstly, the Bakers Wife Cafe is big. Surprisingly so.

And pleasingly, the original warehouse bones of the place are still clearly visible.

Walk in off noisy Burke Road and you find yourself in a warm, inviting space of ruddy exposed brick walls and high, white-washed ceilings. Although there is a definite warehouse vibe, it’s tempered by a down-to-earth rustic feel. Maybe it’s the generous open room and solid wooden tables. Or maybe it’s the lingering aromas of baked delicacies. Either way, the ambience is more country farmhouse than industrial chic.

The Bakers Wife is also charmingly colourful. Bright murals, a vertical garden and a verdant scattering of pot plants give the cafe character. That and the impressive displays of Breads, Pies, Cakes and more.

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The Food

Really, the Bakers Wife is 2 food-focused businesses which bleed seamlessly into one another.

There’s the Bakery bit – with all those yummy, golden bakes – and the cafe proper – with its exciting All Day Menu.

Exciting?! I hear you cry. Well, yes. One of the reasons for this Camberwell cafe’s loyal customer base is that the brunch options change seasonally and are never dull or boring.

For example, many an eatery has some version of Chilli Scrambled Eggs ($23.5) up their sleeve. However, not many plate it with Tempura Enoki, Char-Grilled Kaiser Bacon, Miso Mayo & Crisp Shallots on Ciabatta. Similarly, if you’ve never seen an Acai Bowl ($18.0) before, you must have blinkers on. The one at The Bakers Wife is a thing of beauty featuring Acai & Banana, Kiwi, Berries, Coconut Yoghurt, Peanut Butter and House-Made Granola.

And it tastes as good as it looks.

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The Bakers Wife Cafe - Acai Bowl Close Up

If you feel more inclined towards a lunchy-type meal than breakfast, may I recommend the Lamb Flatbread ($26.0)? Succulent, spiced, slow-cooked Lamb Pieces with fiery Harissa, Natural Yoghurt, Pickled Onions, crunchy Smoked Almonds, Mint & Dill – along with Charred Flatbread. My mouth is watering purely from describing it.

Another expertly balanced dish is the vegetarian-friendly Spinach & Lemon Arancini ($24.0). These crispy tummy-fillers with Buffalo Mozzarella, Charred Baby Broccoli, Dill Mayo and a Pine Nut & Fennel Salad are substantial and very tasty.

And a quick shout out for the fabulous Korean Bowl ($26.0), which packs all the flavours you’d hope for in such a meal. There’s Char-Grilled Beef Sirloin, Zucchini, Shitake Mushrooms, Carrot, Sesame Spinach, Rice Bibimbap Sauce & a Fried Egg.

Oh. And did I mention that they bake things? Just pop in and check out for display cabinet for a full range teatime treats and more.

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The Drinks

If you need a Coffee of some description to get you going in the morning, the Bakers Wife stocks Allpress beans. Should leaves, and not beans be more to your liking, they also have a range of Teadrop Teas.

The Bakers Wife Cafe - Coffee

As you might expect given the care put into other parts of the menu here, the team also squeeze their own juices blends. We really like the Hydration Nation ($9.0) – Watermelon, Lemon & Mint – on a hot day.

In addition, there’s a selection of Smoothies as well. The Berry Boo ($10.5) is our go to and is a vibrant mix of Berries, Apple Juice & Frozen Yoghurt.

Finally, The Bakers Wife has a liquor licence and offers a smattering of Wines – Sparkling, White, Rose & Red – and Beers. Even better, they do Cocktails. After all, sometimes all a girl wants is an Aperol Spritz ($16.0) – Aperol, Prosecco & Soda – to wash down her Corn & Pecorino Fritters ($23.0)

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The Bakers Wife cafe does everything that a superb local cafe should. It has a lovely laid-back atmosphere, whips up smart plates of tasty food and has an eclectic drinks list. Better still, the bakery part of the establishment is a real bonus.

Next time you find yourself near the crossroads of Burke and Toorak Roads, pop for some lunch. And make sure you take away a couple of fresh Pastries for afternoon tea!


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