Silky Inverloch

Inverloch’s All Day Breakfast scene has a new champion in Silky. With a small, but classy menu of brekkie and brunch dishes and coffee that those-in-the-know are happy to queue for, come summer we reckon this place be heaving.

Silky Inverloch

Location: 9 Abeckett St, Inverloch, VIC 3996

There’s a new foodie player on Inverloch’s ever-evolving Abeckett Street.

Just up from Paul The Pieman Bakery and Alex Scott Real Estate sits Silky. A sleek new cafe with a coffee machine cranking out good coffee and a kitchen whipping up smart plates of food.

The site once housed Vela Nine Restaurant and Wine Bar, but sadly, the Mediterranean-focused eatery has gone. However, all is certainly not doom as gloom as in it’s place is a new venue which is definitely worth getting excited about. Silky.

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Silky Inverloch - Exterior

The Space

Firstly, the front window of Silky Inverloch opens fully, allowing the barristas to pass take away coffees, teas and milkshakes it on to customers waiting on the street.

And if you do find yourself hanging around whilst the staff make your drink, there are a few benches and tables on the pavement for you to use.

Venture across the threshold and the main dining room is a sharp, uncluttered white space. When we pop in, it’s packed with happy diners, tucking in to plates of eggs and piles of waffles.

If you can’t get a table inside, there are 2 options. Either you can pull up a metal chair in the courtyard to the side of the cafe, or you can take-over one of the tables out the front.

Wherever you end up, the friendly staff will track you down and make sure that you’re properly looked after.

The Food

The All Day Breakfast part of the menu has a great selection of both savoury and sweet creations, with a few original twists.

Now I really can’t go any further without having a quick rave about the Chilli Prawn Scramble Croissant ($23). If you love creamy eggs, but want something a little different – this is for you. And if you are the kind of seafood-lover who is always looking for a way to get a prawn in your tummy – this is also for you.

Silky Inverloch - Chilli Prawn Scramble Croissant

This is a symphony of Chilli Prawns and Scrambled Eggs, piled into a buttery Croissant. There are generous daubs of Tobiko Roe adding salty hits and a Sweet Capsicum & Chilli Relish for extra zing. It’s a rich, decadent breakfast dish which wouldn’t touch the sides after and early morning surf. And that’s a compliment.

Eatability mentioned waffles previously. If you’re more of a sugar and carbs kind of person first thing, then maybe try the Biscoff And Marshmallow Waffle ($23). This is a sugar-forward plate of Waffles, Biscoff Custard (as obscenely good as it sounds), Blueberry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Other temptations include Peanut Butter & Banana Porridge ($15) and Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($24).

Alongside the brekkie choices, Silky Inverloch has a regular Lunch/Brunch menu.

Now admittedly, the Mushroom Casserole ($24) almost made it to the final order. Described as ‘A rich, earthy and creamy pot of white button mushrooms topped with shaved cheese and poached eggs’, we nearly caved. However, ultimately, the Sriracha Chicken Burger ($25) won over.

Silky Inverloch - Sriracha Chicken Burger

This Burger features a succulent chunk of crispy fried chook, with a crunchy Radish Slaw, fabulously rubbery American Cheese (so wrong, you know it’s right) & Sriracha. It may have been an early call for such a hearty meal, but honestly, I inhaled it.

The Drinks

Pleasingly, Inverloch is lucky enough to have a few spots where the coffee is worth waiting in line for. And wait in line you will.

Silky obviously already has a name with the local caffeine-assisted population as customers appeared regularly for their fix whilst we sat and dined. But then it turns out that Silky Inverloch has its own house blend. Always a sign that the owners are serious about their coffee.

The cafe is also a purveyor of a locally made (by Rosy) Kombucha ($7.5). How awesome. The flavours available are Strawberry & Basil, Mint & Cucumber, Ginger Ale and the intriguing Elderflower, Rose Petal & Blue Spirulina.


Silky is an exciting entry into the Inverloch day time dining scene.

The menu is Melbourne enough to be innovative, but champions local produce and artisans. Always a big thumbs up.

The cafe itself is relaxed yet buzzing and the staff, efficient and friendly.

But be warned. We visited during winter, when very few tourists were in town and Silky was still impressively busy. Clearly, the good folks of Invy know a great cafe when they see one!


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