Making Food Accessible To All

Us Australians are a lucky bunch. Stunning countryside, world famous beaches, an enviable climate – and simply some of the finest produce on the planet. But whilst most of us have a favourite cafe or go-to coffee shop that we frequent, what if you’re in an unfamiliar city? Or if you’re a tourist looking for a decent bowl of pasta, a great taco or a cheeky cocktail? Well, that why we’re here because our aim is making food accessible to all.

At Eatability, we love to show our readers where all the best restaurants, cafes and bars are around Australia. We help everyone, from locals to tourists, find the best food in their area.

We try to guide and help our readers’ food choices, offering suggestions and recommendations from Modern Australian cuisine to classic Italian dishes; Japanese delights to hidden instagramable treasures.

After talking to the people behind the growing Gluten-Free Grain-Free movement, we realised there was a gap in our audience. We needed to make our content more accessible for those with eating restrictions and food intolerance issues.

In an attempt to widen our research, we have acquired the websites and, and gratefully welcome any new readers that join us from the move.

We are super excited to announce that we now have more content to help those with food restrictions, starting with gluten-free diets.

Where To Eat

Most Australian restaurants will have gluten-free menus available for you to look through. From Adelaide to Sydney, Brisbane to Perth you can find the best restaurants for gluten-free diets in our reviews. 

Arguably the best place for gluten-free restaurants is Melbourne. As the food culture capital of the country, they are ahead of the curve creating tons of tasty options for you to try.

After talking with the experts behind Gluten-Free Grain-Free, we understood that most readers had a hard time creating their own gluten-free meals at home.

Sticking to the same half a dozen recipes can be dispiriting, and the lack of pasta and pastry in a diet can mean difficulties in cooking quickly and creatively. (We have reviewed a gluten free pasta to assist here).

As part of our commitment to those with diet restrictions, we have sourced a number of gluten-free recipes for you to try. Continue reading below as we have collated an encyclopaedia of tasty gluten free recipes, treats and information.

Gluten Free Recipes

The best way to make sure you’re eating gluten free food, is to make it yourself. This way you can bring that mouth watering experience to your own kitchen!


Snacks are probably the hardest food type to make gluten-free. Most snack foods are carb-loaded, which means grains and gluten are all over the treat. Unless you’re eating plain chicken, it basically means you can’t have a snack, right? Wrong!

We have found a bunch of recipes to help you create your own gluten-free bites.


Everyone loves a scone, but they are mostly completely made of flour which means they aren’t gluten-free. However, if you make the scone out of almond flour instead of wheat, then even celiacs can join in on the high tea delights. 

This is because almond flour is made up of crushed almonds. No wheat or flour is actually in the ingredient, instead, the “flour” element simply refers to how fine the almonds are ground.

In our link above, you can find recipes to create berry scones, lemon scones, carrot scones, and classic scones. Giving you variety and choice.

But what if you’re gluten-free and nut free? In that case, you can opt for branded gluten-free flour.

These flour ingredients will have the same taste as a “regular” scone but are digestible for you to eat. In the link above, you will have access to 10 different scone recipes ranging from traditional to cheese, from buttermilk to chocolate.

Make sure you read the label though, as flour simply labelled as “gluten-free” could still contain nuts.

These flours are normally created using rice, teff, potato, buckwheat or tapioca – all of which are healthy options for celiacs – but you may end up seeing a nut in the ingredient list too.

In plain gluten-free flour, the taste often matches regular flour, but the texture will be different.

If you prefer working with tastes that you know, then stick with branded gluten-free flour, but if you would rather have a new taste and an easier texture, go with our almond flour recipes.

Food intolerances word cloud


If scones aren’t your thing, how about a muffin? Gluten-free muffins often don’t have the bounce that other muffins have. This is because of the heavy flour often used. To bypass the dense ingredients we suggest adding dates to your gluten-free recipes! 

Dates can bring moisture into your muffins and are easily paired with other ingredients. In our link, you can pick from 10 different gluten-free date muffin recipes, including pecans, walnuts, carrots and pear flours.

One of the best flavours to pair with dates is cinnamon. The mixture of sweet and savoury, coupled with the smells of festive cheer, makes date and cinnamon muffins so delicious.

We have found 10 amazing recipes to explore different ways in which date and cinnamon can be utilised. From adding apples to creating a roll, you will find a recipe that suits you.

If you prefer your muffins on the savour side, while still trying to be healthy, then we suggest adding vegetables as your main flavouring ingredient.

We have found 10 delicious gluten-free vegetable muffin recipes that are healthy, easy to make and use ingredients already in your refrigerator. 

But most of us don’t care about healthy eating when we grab a muffin, so if you’re in a savoury mood why not create a Mediterranean-style snack, using feta cheese, olives and roasted tomatoes.

Or perhaps a sweet potato heart-ness is more your speed with herbs baked into the warming delight. Of course, there is always the classic cheese muffin which no one can deny.

These tummy-rumbling snacks can easily be created for gluten-free diets, just pick one of our 10 recipes to follow, and bake until your heart is content.


Macaroons are a crunchy and silky delight that most gluten-free diets cannot allow. We want to change that. 

Both grain-free and nut-free diets should be able to taste the French delicacy of these multi-textured delights. 

Macaroons are normally baked using nuts, flour, milk, and eggs, but we have found 10 recipes that either don’t use any of these ingredients or only remove the nut and grain elements. Search through our list of recipes until you find one which fits your dietary needs.


Muesli and granola are protein-filled snacks that are perfect for a quick spike of energy as you walk in urban and natural environments. But many coeliacs cannot touch the stuff, as muesli is often bulked up with grains.

We have gathered nine gluten-free granola recipes and also ten vegan and gluten free muesli recipes so you can make your own healthy snacks that are both healthy and delicious.  

You can use the recipes to create granola bars, pair them with yoghurt to create a healthy and filling meal, or turn them into balls for true energy boosts. All of these methods can be found in our links above.

Two bowls of delicious gluten free cranberry crumble pie


One of the best bread types for a gluten intolerant person to eat is flaxseed. It’s diverse, packed with flavour and easy to make. There is no need to create basic bread just because your choices are limited, instead use one of our 10 recipes to create something tastier.

There are other breads you can make too, like almond chia bread which is delicious with jam! This bread is low in the carb and low in sugar as the sweetness comes from the almonds.

Almond chia seed bread is a wonderfully healthy alternative, which is light and delicate, but don’t take our word for it. Try one of our 10 recipes for yourself!

If you like the idea of a delicate flavour, and would rather a bread that doesn’t hog the spotlight, then you may prefer a chickpea flatbread. Chickpea flour is gluten-free, so the swap will be delicate and healthy for your stomach.

You can use the flatbread as a base for pizzas, low-carb sandwiches, or even as chips.

Lastly, hot cross buns are many people’s favourites, but keeping them both fluffy and gluten-free can be a struggle. We have found 10 amazing recipes which can help your hot cross buns rise to the occasion.

Our 10 recipes don’t have different flavours but instead contain different methods. Play around with them to see which method works best for your kitchen.


The biggest meals of your day shouldn’t have to be boring. If you cannot eat gluten food, you can still have a flavoursome, easy-to-make, and fun meal.

To help you find something that will make your tummy rumble, we have collected hundreds of recipes for you to browse through.


When it comes to gluten-free recipes, curry is a safe bet. Rice is gluten-free, and as long as you don’t use a flour-based thickener, your dinner will be good to go. 

But you don’t want just a “safe” recipe. You deserve flavour and excitement just like everyone else! Our favourite gluten-free curry dish is the sweet potato masala.

Most recipes for this dish are also vegan, which is a great start, but the meal itself is nutritious, delicious and colourful. Try one of our 10 recipes in the link above, and tell us what you think.

We want to teach you how to cook consistently great curries and pass down the tricks of the trade so that everyone will be asking you to cook for them again. Try out our tips on the link above.


Many people aren’t aware of this, but meatballs often contain gluten. The butchers will use flour to stick the balls together creating a lovely round shape. As beautiful as the creation is, gluten-intolerant people can’t touch them.

The same situation applies to all processed meats, such as bacon and sausages. Although meat, by itself, doesn’t contain gluten, the process of turning it from a slab of muscle to a contained and long-lasting ingredient means adding flour.

We want you to experience meatballs in their round glory! So don’t put your fork down yet, instead try one of our 4 gluten-free beef or lamb meatball dishes.

In each of the recipes, you will learn how to roll your meatballs using an appropriate flour base, so when you learn one recipe you can add this knowledge to every other meatball recipe you know.


If you follow the Paleo or the vegan diet, then you will love the pizzas we have found. But most importantly the first pizza in this listicle is gluten-free and grain-free as well as vegan.

Following the recipe for this pizza, you can learn to make pizza bases suitable for your needs and then apply whatever toppings you prefer.


Almost every pastry dish you find won’t be gluten-free, and when you do manage to find a gluten-free alternative the pastry is dry and not worth the effort. Well, don’t bother searching for store-bought pies anymore.

We have found and tested 10 grain-free pastry recipes for you to try out. Use them in pies, wraps, or as lids on your meal. Each uses a different flour, so if you know you prefer chickpea to almond or any other combination, you know you’ll find a recipe to suit you.

And we know the frustration that can come around every festive season. The traditional mince pie is often just wishful thinking for anybody on a gluten or grain-free diet.

To help out, we’ve published a collection of gluten and grain-free mince pie recipes for you to enjoy next Christmas.


Quinoa is a great carb choice for people with celiac disease. As we explain in this article, the ancient grain contains protein, vitamins, fibre, zinc, iron and calcium. It doesn’t contain any wheat, which means you can use it as your main carb instead of pasta.

Dinner Ideas

Need more inspiration for a gluten-free dinner? Choose one of these 10 options. Each is gluten-free, delicious and different! And we’ve also included a simple and quick gluten-free recipe for our favourite Chinese condiment, hoisin sauce too.


The majority of breakfast meals contain gluten. Toast and cereal are the literal bread and butter of this meal type, This means those with gluten allergies and intolerances have to stick to low-energy breakfasts such as fruit, or basically eat dinner for breakfast – right?

Wrong again! There are gluten-free options, and we will go into them now.


At a first glance, you might scoff at a gluten-free porridge label. Oats are automatically gluten-free, so they don’t need to be handled so carefully, right? Well, some companies add in extra thickeners which are not gluten-free.

These sneaky ingredients can be a real issue for gluten intolerant people. 

To help you, we have found 10 gluten-free porridge recipes, to make sure your breakfast is both safe and delicious. These recipes have different flavours to help you create a change in your meal plan.

Some use bananas as thickeners, others add sugar using blueberries. Scroll through and pick something that seems right for you.

If you follow the Paleo diet, and would rather eat something that follows the “hunter-gather” formation, then check out this list of 10 Paleo and Grain-Free porridge recipes instead. These meals contain wholesome ingredients, both hot and cold for you to explore.


Pancakes are a staple dish around the world, and yet so many people make them with gluten-based flour. There is no need to miss out on these iconic snacks or breakfast treats, so follow our 10 gluten-free pancake recipes, and join in the fun!

Some of these recipes contain regular gluten-free flour while others are made using fewer processed versions such as almond flour. This means they also fit into the Paleo lifestyle.

There are also coconut flour recipes for you to try out too. Coconut adds an extra layer of sweetness to your breakfast treat, so make sure to balance your sugar load.


Desserts are another typical meal which celiacs cannot eat without caution. Well throw away the feelings of confusion, and make your own tasty cakes instead!


Almost every biscuit you find will be made with flour, which means most gluten intolerant people hardly ever get to taste their crumbly goodness. Today that stops! Want to try a cinnamon biscuit? You can with these 10 fantastic gluten-free recipes.

Each of the biscuits in the list above is a mixture of dates and cinnamon. This combination goes together so well, that we had to show off the divine flavours in a new context. Some of the biscuits will give you a hard crunch, others a soft bite.

Play around with each dessert to find your preferred method.


Cake is another dessert that is normally made with plain flour. Gluten-free four often gives cake a bad taste or stodgy texture, but we have found amazing recipes which avoid the gluten-free lumps.

The first on this list is a gluten-free chocolate banana mousse cake. Phew, what a long name. We have 10 recipes to help you make this show stopper. When it’s finished you will end up with a three-layered cake that is smooth and moist.

Prefer your mousse cakes a little less fruity? Try one of these recipes which creates a plain chocolate mousse cake. Mousse cake is the perfect choice for gluten-free diets as it allows you to use even the driest flour and create a moist and delicate dessert.

We recommend starting off with these types of recipes before moving on to “regular” cake, that way you can learn how the flour may act differently. Don’t worry though, our recipes ensure your cakes won’t end up dry or overly crumbly.

Want your cake to be filled with protein? Then give a chocolate chia cake a try! Chia is an unusual taste, but pairs beautifully with chocolate to create a whole new flavour.

It is also a great source of protein, which means you can tell yourself you’re being healthy as you scoff down another bite.

Each of our recipes has a different finish, which allows you to pick a smooth flat version, a crumbly decadent version, a vegan version or even a Matilda-style version of the chocolate cake.

In fact, there are so many chocolate chia recipes, that we even found some which utilise the seeds. You can use the chia seeds to make a bundt cake, pudding, mug cakes and even muffins. If you love the idea of experimentation, give these 10 recipes a try.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a treasure often left forgotten. They are a sweet and nutritious low-carb option that contains potassium and calcium as well as vitamins and fibre. It can literally do it all.

This is why we created a whole section dedicated to the wonderful sweet potato. Using this ingredient, we have found 10 gluten-free recipes to create mains and deserts alike.

Casseroles, brownies, breads, and pies. Give them a go and learn to love this often forgotten gem.


The difference between a cookie and a biscuit is in the way it snaps. Want your cinnamon delight to be a little softer? Then try one of these 10 gluten-free ginger cinnamon cookie recipes.

Some are just pure cinnamon, while others have white chocolate, pumpkin spice, or even honey mixed into the ingredients. We have gathered a large collection for you to try out, so make sure to browse.


Sometimes you don’t know what you want to eat. The only thing you know is that you want a sweet taste. In those times of need, click on our list of 30 gluten-free dessert recipes and scroll until you find “the one”.

You will see fudge, banana bread, rice pudding, truffles, and even millionaire bars in the varied collection, so something will surely tickle your taste buds.

Dairy Free Recipes

Although most of this page is dedicated to gluten-free recipes, we want to give a shout-out to dairy-free people too. We have started to create some recipes which cater to your needs, aswell.

Vegan Cheese

Cheese is one of the most loved ingredients in any meal, and yet finding nice-tasting cheese that is appropriate for dairy-free diets can be super hard. 

The best way to find dairy-free cheese is to ask local stores or restaurants and see who supplies them. But with us by your side, you don’t need to ask a soul.

We have found the best vegan cheese shops in all of Australia, so all you need to do is browse. Click on the link to find out more.

Coconut Milk Recipes

Coconut milk is an amazing substitute for cow’s milk. It is high in protein, has a sweet flavour and blends amazingly well with curries.

We have collected 30 easy recipes which contain coconut milk instead of cow’s milk, to show you just how simple the switch is. The list contains recipes for cakes, curries, popsicles, ice cream and bread!

Dairy Free Desserts

Almost every dessert has a milky, buttery element to them, which means those with dairy allergies or intolerances can rarely take a bite. It’s time to change that story, and we want to help.

Click on this link to find 24 dairy-free desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, brownies and muffins! Every recipe on the list is free from dairy, so you know you are safe to eat the whole tray.

Final Thoughts

With our new acquisition of, we are excited to learn more ways in which our website can make food accessible to everyone. It is so important for our health that we all achieve food variety, despite a gluten-free or restricted diet.

If you know about an amazing restaurant, bar, eatery or cafe that sells delicious food for those on restricted diets, let us know!