Although named for the bakery chain’s signature, chimney-like pastries, Kurtosh does much more than cyclindrical cakes. Stop by for a Coffee and treat yourself to a Chocolatey Slice, a Slab of Cheesecake or a Savoury Bureka.


Locations: Kurtosh House No.1 20B-20C St Pauls St, Randwick, NSW 2031 Ph: (02) 9314 5353 See Website For Further Locations

The crew at Kurtosh must be doing something right. Since opening their first bakery in Sydney, the chain has gradually expanded from NSW, to Victoria and Queensland, with new outlets continuing to pop up. In fact, they are about to open their 11th Kurtosh House.

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Kurtosh - Lemon Meringue Tart

So what’s the key to their success?

Well, firstly there’s the Kurtosh themselves. Kurtosh (actually Kurtoskalacs) are a street snack from Hungary, nicknamed the ‘Chimney Cake’ for their cylinder shape. Pastry is wrapped around a rolling pin to form the distinctive shape and then baked. Once cooked, they are tossed in a range of appetising toppings or filled. The result is a wonderfully crunchy exterior that gives way to a soft, delicate inside.

But more on those later.

For as addictive as a Kurtosh might be (and we can assure you they are), the bakers here aren’t one trick ponies. Aside from their Hungarian speciality, the kitchens whip up a multitude of other temptations.

Let’s take a deeper dive into this delicious world.

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The Space

At a time when stark industrial chic store fronts and bare concrete counter tops with 5 ‘signature bakes’ presented on them seem to be all the range, Kurtosh bucks the trend.

Kurtosh - Display Cabinets

Rather than clinically cool, the Kurtosh in the Lido Arcade in Hawthorn, VIC, has a cosy ambience. The various bakes fill old-fashioned, glass-fronted display cabinets. Meanwhile, the seating area to the side is all warm brick and inviting wood. It feels much more like a snug Central European bakehouse than a hipster-focused cake shop. Perhaps that is the whole point and, in part, an insight into the franchises success?

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The Food

Obviously, there’s the glorious Kurtoskalacs themselves.

Now admittedly, we’re deeply fond of the Biscoff Kurtosh ($13) – a stunning creation of crisp/soft Kurtosh chimney, oozing a sublime Biscoff centre. What’s more, we’ve been known to nibble our way through more than one Pistachio Kurtosh ($11), where the Hungarian pastry is coated in the crushed green nuts. However, if you’re a Kurtosh virgin, you really should dive straight in with a Kurtosh Mix Platter ($34). This gives you a taste of a Nutella, Cinnamon and that excellent Pistachio Kurtosh.

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That said, the bakery offers far more if you nip in for a Coffee.

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Kurtosh - Baked Raspberry Chessecake

The Slab Cakes are rightfully well-known. The Baked Raspberry Cheesecake ($35) is textbook. A more-ish White Chocolate Brownie Base supports a thick wedge of rich, satiny Raspberry Cheesecake. It’s sinfully decadent. If that sounds a little too much, then maybe the Carrot Cake with Walnuts ($35) is more appealing? Interestingly, the Kurtosh version contains a scattering of finely chopped Olives. Trust us – it totally works!

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Kurtosh - Almond Roulade

Alternatively, the Espresso Butter, Almond & Chocolate Roulade ($35) is an inspired combination of great texture and complimentary flavours. Flourless (and so gluten free), the Swiss roll component a wonderful chewy meringue. It’s then slathered in Chocolate Ganache and a light, silky Espresso Buttercream.

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Kurtosh - Cakes and Cookies

If you have a passion for Pastries, there are plenty to choose from. We are partial to both the Almond Croissant ($6.20) with its soft Frangipani Cream and the Berry Vanilla Danish ($6.40) with its lush Custard topping. Of course, the Cookies are similarly good. Whilst the Chocolate and Whisky ‘Earthquake’ Cookies are both yummy and aesthetically pleasing with their cracked exterior, our vote goes to the Salted Tahini & Choc Chip. But then we’re suckers for the umami-hit of Tahini in anything – sweet or savoury.

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Kurtosh - Savoury Pastries and Kids Cones

Talking of savoury, Kurtosh does a nice line of Bureka. Amongst our go-tos are the vibrant-hued Sweet Potato Rosemary Bureka ($5.60), the fragrant Eggplant Bureka – Mini – ($3.90) and the ever popular Spinach Ricotta Bureka – Mini ($3.90). From the bite-sized mini ones to the larger versions, they make a great snack.

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Kurtosh - Savoury Pastries on Plate

The Drinks

Happily, the team at Kurtosh don’t just knock out excellent Pastries and Cakes – they pour a decent Coffee as well.

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If Coffee doesn’t do it for you, they also stock a good range of bottled Juices and brew a selection of Teas.


Kurtosh are a welcome addition to any suburb. With their huge array of crowd-pleasing Cakes, Cookies and Pastries the chain is smart enough to bake both sure-fire winners and something a little different.

What’s more, the addition of a relaxed dining space gives each Kurtosh outlet the feel of a European bakehouse. It’s a nice point of difference at a time when many trendy bakeries are pretty much a shopfront.

Whether you feel like a Hungarian Chimney Cake or a simple Spinach & Feta Bureka, give them a try.

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